10/10 Pets Approve! Creative Spotlight on Fluffy First Pet Care

Early in 2016, my good friend Patricia Cangelosi announced she’d be leaving her position as a marketing assistant at a fundraising agency to realize her dream of owning a pet care business. She is easily one of the most diligent and creative people I know, so I thought I’d SPOTlight (get it? Spot, because dogs?) her and her business on the blog.

5. So what did the early stages of planning and marketing look like?

Before I did any marketing at all, I wanted to get my ducks in a row. I was advised by trusted sources to set up my business as an LLC, so I contacted a local lawyer and got it set up and registered with the state. Then, I signed up as a member of Pet Sitters International and obtained business insurance through there. I signed up for a Pet CPR & First Aid class and purchased a domain for my website. I began building the site and designing business cards.

6. Have anyone else on your team? 

I am the only employee of Fluffy First Pet Care at the moment. However, my sister, Vicky Guentter, is a serial entrepreneur and a marketing guru. She deserves credit for MANY ideas I’ve implemented. She’s like my in-house small business coach.

7. Tell me about Fluffy First’s online presence.

Fluffy First’s website, which I built through the Squarespace platform, is www.fluffyfirst.com. It describes the services I offer, a brief story about my background, a blog post written by Cheese (my pug), some additional info and photos of cute animals, of course.

The Facebook page (www.facebook.com/fluffyfirst) is updated about once a week, and almost entirely written from the perspectives of my pet clients (with cute pictures).

For instance: “Hi, I’m Midnight (Middy for short). People ask Patty from Fluffy First if she takes care of cats, and the answer is YES! She loves all pets, regardless of breed or species. When my family went away, Patty came to scoop my litter, feed me, fill my water and cuddle with me. She took pictures to send to my humans, too. She says I am gorgeous! Fuzzy, scaly or feathery- contact Patty for your pet care needs: www.fluffyfirst.com, call/text 215-534-4090, or email care@fluffyfirst.com.”

Fluffy First Pet Care's blogger isn't just a mascot, she's a client!
One of my personal favorites, a post written by Patty’s own pug, Cheese.

8. What online tools have you used so far for Fluffy First? Any analytics? 

I set up an account with Google Analytics to check out who’s viewing my site, which pages they look at, and how they are finding me. I also use the Insights tab on Facebook to see which posts generate engagement, demographics of my audience, and what times of the day are best to reach them.

9. This is a copy & creative blog, and I think it’s worth noting that the voice you’ve created for the Fluffy First brand really sets it apart, from the adorable Facebook updates to the creative service names on your website (“The Pit Stop”, “The Pooper Scooper”, etc.) What sort of brainstorming results in all that genius? Do you have a “creative process” that goes into your copy? 

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