10/10 Pets Approve! Creative Spotlight on Fluffy First Pet Care

Early in 2016, my good friend Patricia Cangelosi announced she’d be leaving her position as a marketing assistant at a fundraising agency to realize her dream of owning a pet care business. She is easily one of the most diligent and creative people I know, so I thought I’d SPOTlight (get it? Spot, because dogs?) her and her business on the blog.

Honestly, since I’ve been around animals so much and have always connected with them, it is very natural for me to give them a “voice.” I imagine what they’d say if they could talk, and it’s different for each pet. Like humans, they each have a unique story and personality. I find it fun to play off their quirks – like some pets are obsessed with food, some are drama queens, and others couldn’t care less whether I’m in their home or not. I suppose I act as a translator between them and my audience (prospective clients) to capture the “voices”; a lot of people get the humor because they live with animals. Plus, when a fluffy creature is touting my services, I don’t have to do it myself.

My two greatest loves are animals and writing, and I’ve been very lucky that I can incorporate both into Fluffy First!

Fluffy First Pet Care's Easter ad ties poop removal to potential egg hunt disaster.
I mean, look at this brilliant ad.

11. What’s the future look like for Fluffy First? 

Business has been super busy so far, but it’s only been three months! I’m not sure what it will look like seasonally (fall, winter, etc.) Time will tell! In March 2017, I plan to re-evaluate and measure the pros and cons of hiring an employee. A few people have already offered! Pet care is a huge market, I’m finding, so I think Fluffy First will continue to grow for the foreseeable future.

12. Here’s where you plug whatever you want!

Like many businesses, pet care is very personal. Hiring someone to come into your home to care for your loved ones is an intimate thing, so it’s important to build trust. While online marketing has its place, I have put myself out there in the community, in person, just as much to meet potential clients. For instance, I know the manager of a local pet supplies store, and I asked if I could come in during busy hours with my marketing materials and my pug to spread the word. He said sure, and I got one of my biggest clients through that! You never know until you ask.

I also got custom T-shirts made that say “Dog Walker” and “Pet Sitter,” and I wear them while walking dogs in local communities. A few folks have approached me already to ask for a business card, which, of course, I always have on hand. I walked the route of the Doylestown Memorial Day and Fourth of July parades (prior to the parades starting), introducing myself and giving out cards to anyone with a dog.

I sign up for local events, as well, where I can sell homemade dog treats (I just found an easy recipe online) and give out marketing materials. The events aren’t all pet-related. People with pets go everywhere that non-pet people do!

For any business owner, it’s important to be approachable, responsive, and ALWAYS ready to talk about your business knowledgeably and with passion. People can sense that – and so can their fluffy ones.

If you have any pet care needs in the Doylestown, PA, area, don’t hesitate to call or text 215-534-4090, or shoot an email to care@fluffyfirst.com. Thanks for reading!


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