125 Blog Posts and I’m Done

On April 6, 2012, I wrote my first blog for Target Marketing, and on Aug. 10, 2017, I’m writing my last one; from my math, that’s about 125 posts considering I wrote two a month. These past five years have been a wild ride to say the least, but I’ve learned a lot along the way.

On April 6, 2012, I wrote my first blog for Target Marketing, and on Aug. 10, 2017, I’m writing my last one; from my math, that’s about 125 posts considering I wrote two a month.

After a long-standing career on the agency-side of the business, I’ve been given the opportunity to expand the CRM program for a luxury brand while working on the inside of this prestigious organization, and I couldn’t be more excited! It’s a demanding position that will require 150 percent of my attention, and thus, I’ve decided to hang up my blog.

These past five years have been a wild ride to say the least, but I’ve learned a lot along the way.

  • Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously: My blog was written as a marketer for marketers, so I was able to have a little fun with my perspective — and I had a great editor at Target Marketing supporting my ideas.
  • Topical Issues Are Most Engaging: Two of my most popular posts (if you’re using the number of comments as a metric) were about current marketing news: the addition of LinkedIn endorsements and The Most Interesting Man in the World. Both garnered great feedback and discussion on timely topics.
  • The Haters Gonna Hate: My posts weren’t always controversial, but when I touched on a nerve, boy, did readers let me know — and fast. Sometimes it was a headline that folks found offensive (my favorite one, “Here’s a Recommendation, You Cheap Bastard,” attracted a lovely supportive note from direct marketing guru Drayton Bird, so I felt redeemed). But my Feb. 23, 2017 post on “The KellyAnne Conway School of Customer Service” got some very nasty responses — including ugly emails in my personal inbox. That post taught me that people don’t read an entire post before they jump to conclusions and start name-calling. Luckily I have thick skin!
  • It’s Easy to Be Negative When Using a Fake Name: Many comments to my posts came from anonymous users — marketers who hid behind a user name so it was difficult to know exactly who they were. Personally, I think that’s a cowardly way to engage in a discussion on a topic — especially when you have something unsavory to say — but over the years, I learned who was a consistent supporter and who was looking to put me in my place. So be it.
  • If Blogging Was Easy, Everyone Would Do It: Some weeks I would stare at a blank screen and think “what can I write about that everyone doesn’t already know?” It took a while to find my blogging “voice” but once I did, I wasn’t afraid to share my experiences and interactions with brands — both good and bad — and try to offer ideas on how things could work better or how to steal that idea and make it work for another brand. While there are thousands of nuances in marketing strategies and tactics, I’m always thrilled when I learn about something new, or how someone else found success, so I’ll continue to be a consumer of smart marketing tips.

I hope all my followers will continue to read, engage and share their POV’s on the sites of other Target Marketing bloggers. I’ve always been a fan of this publication and know that, at the end of the day, we all believe in the power of targeted marketing.

Author: Carolyn Goodman

A blog that challenges B-to-B marketers to learn, share, question, and focus on getting it right—the first time. Carolyn Goodman is President/Creative Director of Goodman Marketing Partners. An award-winning creative director, writer and in-demand speaker, Carolyn has spent her 30-year career helping both B-to-B and B-to-C clients cut through business challenges in order to deliver strategically sound, creatively brilliant marketing solutions that deliver on program objectives. To keep her mind sharp, Carolyn can be found most evenings in the boxing ring, practicing various combinations. You can find her at the Goodman Marketing website, on LinkedIn, or on Twitter @CarolynGoodman.

11 thoughts on “125 Blog Posts and I’m Done”

  1. Thank you Carolyn — always inspiring! And if you ever want to post as a guest… you’re welcome in my slot! Spot on!

  2. Best wishes Carolyn.. I love the portion about the negative comments.. I have blogged more than 1000 articles in the last 10 years or so.. so I certainly agree..

  3. Carolyn, congratulations on the new opportunity. We will miss your insights but perhaps you’ll find a way to share what you are learning? W/r to people hiding behind user names – be real, be reliable, be responsive – or be gone.

  4. It’s been a great run, Caorlyn! You were one of the first thought leaders who joined our blogging initiative, and you did it with a great attitude and enthusiasm. Your perspective clicked with readers almost right away, and for it’s whole run the blog has been one of the most read and most discussed on the site.

    The “Cheap Bastard” headline is probably my favorite reader kefluffle we’ve had. And I have to take some responsibility for making it the email subject line that day as well! (Probably not our wisest e-newsletter moment. There’s not a lot of context in a subject line.)

    Best luck with the new company! They’re getting a great marketing mind.

  5. Thank you for all your memorable blogs. As a fellow blogger here, I don’t know how you wrote 2 a month! I can barely do 1 a month. My 48th blog just came out this morning, so I guess I’ve been doing this for 4 years. I’ve always wondered when I would retire from it… Maybe 5 is a good number? I hope your new venture is an exciting one. Cheers!

  6. Cripes! I looked forward to your blogs, comments and insights. The force is in turmoil. But. All the best…and I’ll keep my eyes on the marketing news. Good luck.

  7. Thank you Carolyn! As a fellow blogger here, I’ve always loved your posts (and you’ve made some really great points today). I’m glad we had an opportunity to meet in person a few years back at a DMA event. Best wishes!

  8. Thank you everyone for your kind words! Look for my continued commentary on all of YOUR blogs. 🙂 Always happy to engage in a marketing dialogue.

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