3 Inspiring Examples of Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing is the most captivating way for brands to engage with consumers. Look to these three inspiring examples when designing your out-of-home ad campaign.

Experiential Marketing Advertisements

When it comes to out-of-home advertising, companies are consistently looking for new ways to invent the wheel. That is why agencies are turning to experiential marketing to make sure their brands stand out.

Putting out messages and hoping audiences are receptive is no longer the best way to get consumers to pay attention. The increase of technology readily available at a person’s fingertips has given them the ability to turn off an ad within seconds. For this reason, advertisements must be creative, captivating and engaging.

Brands are looking to experiential marketing to get people involved and interested with their products and services.  Here are some innovative campaigns you can look to for inspiration when creating these types of ads.

1. Using Mobile Assets for Experiential Marketing

Using mobile marketing to advertise is a way to continuously reach new audiences. Having an ad on wheels allows you to reach people without the cost of establishing fixed advertisements in multiple locations.

With this is mind, music festivals are a great way that companies are reaching target audiences based on the key demographics that are on point with their brands.

For example, one company who has done an excellent job of this type of marketing is Veuve Clicquot champagne for its interactive mobile lounge and bar. The ad was focused on creating a space aimed at selling the lifestyle centered around the brand, as well as selling the product. Consumers were served champagne at the pop-up bar and invited to relax and mingle on couches under umbrellas. This created a posh space for clients to take a rest from the festival’s heat and sip refreshing bubbly.

2. Creating Social Media Worthy Ads

Social media is also an effective way to reach audiences through the web. Creating photo-worthy advertisements promotes engagement without an in-your-face approach. The collaborative ad created by Delta Airlines and Tinder is a great example of what this type of marketing looks like.

The companies collaborated on a hand-painted mural with a catchy slogan and a photo backdrop to encourage interaction. The ad created by the two companies stated, “World travelers are more likely to be swiped right.” This was posted on a wall-scape that encouraged consumers to take photos in front of world-known travel destinations to use as their Tinder profile photos..

3. Using Interactive Ads to Increase Engagement

Brands can also engage with their audiences through giving consumers one-on-one experiences. SNCF, France’s national state-owned railway, did an impressive job at this. The rail company encouraged travel by placing stand-alone doors in multiple locations across Europe that functioned as portals to different cities.

Once the doors were opened, interactive ads began that gave consumers experiences that felt personal. The mix of digital marketing consisted of real-time mimes that would mimic the actions of viewers and videos of flash mob dancers in town squares. The campaign was engaging, creative and captivating.


Author: Candice Simons

Candice Simons is the CEO and Founder of Brooklyn Outdoor, a regional and national force in the outdoor advertising industry, with satellite offices and full-time sales representatives in Detroit, New York and Los Angeles. Brooklyn Outdoor is the only major outdoor advertising firm headquartered in Detroit. Simons was recently named one of Crain’s Detroit Business’ “40 under 40” and is the founder of Detroit lifestyle blog, “j’adore Detroit.”

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