3 Simple Ideas for Holiday Email

There are tons of great tactics, tips and tricks that pop up in the holiday email inbox, whether they’re just clever subject lines, headlines or designs. Here are just three of them.

So, who else is tired of the holiday shopping season by now?

Just kidding … I actually don’t mind it very much. The rush to get things done. The pause to reflect on the year that’s coming to an end.

And then there’s all that holiday email clogging up our inboxes.

The other day, I waded through a lot of the email we collect at Who’s Mailing What! I’ve been paying attention as more and more of it has been rolling in. But this is my first deep dive into considering some of the creative ideas used by marketers to drive online and brick-and-mortar sales.

There are tons of great tactics, tips, and tricks that pop up at this time of the year, whether they’re clever subject lines, headlines, or designs. Here are just three of them.

1. Count Down The Numbers
amazon12Numbers are important for more than discounts. You have to convey urgency to customers. They need to know how many shopping days remain to guarantee delivery before Christmas, among other deadlines. But the most popular number I’ve seen used is “twelve,” as in the carol, “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” This year, a lot of drip campaigns have deployed around that theme.

Some examples:

  • “12 Days of Deals”-Amazon
  • “12 Days of Saving Begins Now.”-4Sleep
  • “12 Deals of December”-Maryland Square

2. Make Cultural References
hebfalaOnce Black Friday comes around, the rich traditions so many of us know return. Stories, songs, even decorations, when called to mind, can really stand out.

Some examples:

  • “Fa-la-la-la flash deals”-H-E-B
  • “Don’t Be A Grinch! We Know You Can’t Resist This.”-Rebel Circus
  •  “Don’t go full ugly Christmas sweater.”-Diamond Nexus

3. Evoke the Spirit of the Season
marmotwarmthFrom Thanksgiving through to New Year’s Day, the season is about lots of things. Besides religious celebrations, it’s about spending time with friends and family.

You don’t have to get overly sentimental or sappy to get people to think about caring for their loved ones, serving others, or just feeling the warmth as winter draws near.

Some examples:

  • “Give warmth”-Marmot
  • “Jackets to keep you cozy and chic”-Wantable
  •  “Hanes and The Salvation Army are teaming up to help the homeless”-Hanes

Anyway, this is only a small sampling of the vast holiday and Christmas emails that have dropped in the last month or so. I’d love to hear about good holiday campaigns you’ve noticed. Please share in the comments below.

In the meantime, have a happy and safe holiday season, and may you find renewed inspiration in 2017.

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