4 Effective Hooks for New Mover Direct Mail

According to the most recent U.S. Census Bureau statistics, about 40 million Americans move every year. New movers are one of the most potentially valuable segments in life event marketing. So, as a direct mailer, once you have up-to-date and multi-sourced mailing lists ready to go, how do you target this audience?


3. Provide Content
New homes sometimes need new furnishings. Raymour & Flanigan, a retail furniture chain, mails the “Furnishing Your Style” design magazine several times a year. It keeps the brand top-of-mind with content that focuses the reader on how its furniture can be used to center or complement their home decor.

This is a 16-page mini-version of this publication that specifically targeted new movers.

Following a welcome spread introducing the store to the new mover, the rest of the brochure consisted of tips from designer Kristan Cunningham on matching color and space considerations with the right table, chair, or sofa. The mailer included coupons for significant savings on a purchase, and a map showing the nearest store’s location.

4. Make It Easy to Respond
New customers can use a tangible device like a coupon or gift card to take advantage of an offer. No argument here with that tried-and-true approach.

ChestnutHH_01But for new movers targeted by Philadelphia-based Chestnut Hill Hospital, responding was as simple as using their phone. It mailed a single postcard with a call-to-action that included both a pURL and a QR code.

Scanning the QR code leads the recipient to their pURL. The landing page on the hospital’s website is mostly a short welcome letter. A button at bottom that leads to a form with all of their information pre-populated. Providing further data — on their household, insurance coverage, and email address — was rewarded with a digital thermometer.

When you consider that movers are a very motivated group of customers, with lots of money to spend at a time when brand  switching is likely, the importance of using the right data and targeted offers, is clear.

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