5 Ideas for Creative Facebook Videos

Who doesn’t like a great video? YouTube knows this better than anyone. From babies to cats, amazing physical feats to how to put on makeup, everyone seems to be seeking out and watching these videos.

5. Embed Facebook Videos in Blog Posts and Websites

Just like YouTube, Facebook videos have an embed code that you can use to post your video in your blog or on a Web page. When visitors go to this link, they’ll not only see the video, they’ll see all of the comments and interactions on the post, too.

To get the embed code, go to the full video and look for the three dots in the upper left. Click on them and choose “Embed Code.” You’ll see the window below with the embed code. You can copy it and embed away.


A Few Tips For Video

Here are some general tips for any video, not just on Facebook:

  • Keep It Short. No longer than two minutes, but shorter is better. You might want to test length to see how short or long you can keep it without affecting results.
  • Look Professional. Use tight editing and good lighting in the video. To learn more on how to shoot your own, Wistia has great training videos that are a must-watch, even if you hire a pro.
  • Have Movement Right Away. This will attract the attention of people who have Autoplay.
  • Choose a Good Thumbnail. Make sure when setting up the video that you choose an interesting and engaging thumbnail preview — the screen seen before the video starts.

If you’d like a few more Facebook-specific tips, Social Media Examiner has a great Facebook video you should watch.

Facebook Has Figured It Out

I’ve never been a big fan of Facebook’s UI and it’s lack of thought toward businesses. But it seems they’ve turned the corner and are now making the tools easier. This is especially true with video.

With Facebook’s recent announcement that people are posting 75 percent more videos to Facebook than a year ago — and U.S users are posting even more, at 94 percent —video is taking over your News Feed. A Socialbakers article, “Facebook Video is Now Bigger Than YouTube for Brands,” reported that brands are now uploading more videos to Facebook than to YouTube. Even more importantly, Facebook videos are getting greater engagement than YouTube.

The bottom line: Lights, camera, take action! Start developing and testing a video strategy on Facebook.

Author: Patrick Fultz

Patrick Fultz is the President/CCO of DM Creative Group, a creative marketing firm producing work across all media. He’s an art-side creative, marketing strategist, designer and lover of all things type. His credentials include a degree from Parsons School of Design with 15 years of teaching at his alma mater, over 40 industry creative awards, and he previously served as President of the John Caples International Awards. Always an innovator, Fultz was credited with creating the first 4-color variable data direct mail piece ever produced. He continues to look for innovative ways to tap the powerful synergy of direct mail, the web, digital and social media.

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