5 Ways to Get SEO Traffic in a Hard Niche

Good SEO never comes easy, but some niches require more work than others. That’s painfully obvious if you do business in banking, insurance, healthcare or other fields where each lead is extremely valuable. These highly competitive niches are known in SEO circles as “hard niches,” and marketers who wade into these waters with the same-old tricks will struggle to stay afloat.

You’ve got to show people these niches from angles they haven’t considered. Don’t just write about window repair — write about how UV window films reduce the risk of skin cancer. Instead of writing about TV repair, write about how much money people waste on new televisions when their old ones are usually fixable. Or write about how sewage passes through the average toilet before it needs to be replaced. Yeah, gross, right? Yes, but very linkable.

4. Piggyback on Directory Websites

The rise of smartphone usage has prompted Google to emphasize local search results. If someone in Aurora, CO uses his phone’s Web browser to find a plumber, the top ads and search results will be plumbers in his immediate area. And some of the best-ranked websites will be Yelp, AngiesList and other business directory sites.

While you’d be hard pressed to surpass those sites in the rankings, you can piggyback on their success by creating profiles on their websites. Then, encourage your best customers to leave positive reviews on your directory pages. If your business shows up as a highly rated service on one of these sites, that’s almost as good as having a high Page 1 ranking.

5 Spy on Your Competitors

Take advantage of being in a highly competitive niche by learning from the other marketers who are beating you. To get started, do a few Google searches for the most common keywords in your field and make note of the websites with high page rankings (copy the entire URL for large websites, as different branches of those sites are powered by their own marketing strategies).

Next, sign up for a service such as Ahrefs that keeps a database of sites’ backlinks — this can provide ideas of how to build links for your site. You can also sign up with a service such as SpyFu to get lists of competitors’ keywords and advertising data, all of which can help you craft better content or be more effective in pay-per-click advertising. Keeping tabs on the competition is cheap, anonymous and par for the course, especially in niches where it’s tough to get a foothold.


Building up your website’s SEO can be downright frustrating when you seem to hit that digital brick wall. Some niches just make things difficult, but that doesn’t mean you can’t succeed.

You’ll have to work harder to create ultra-compelling content while carving out audiences that others have overlooked. And the more you research, the more prepared you’ll be to break through that brick wall. You can do it, though. Incorporate these tips in your strategy and build up from there.

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Author: Phil Frost

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