Your Job Search Is Like a Marketing Plan

The modern-day job search is not like it used to be. Long gone are the days of applying for jobs online and getting calls for interviews. Depending who you ask, there’s only a 2 to 4 percent response rate for posted positions. Yet, so many people start their job search this way because that is what they know. Essentially, what they are doing is marketing without a plan.

5. The Channel = The Delivery Method
Just like the Internet and social media have changed how you market, it has also changed the hiring process. Pushing out messages, like applying to jobs via online postings, no longer works the way it used to. Now, we’re pulling people in. You want to run a multi-channel campaign with your job search so you can attract your ideal employer.

Your resume is no longer the star of your job search. Nor is it the first thing people see. They are going to Google you and look you up on LinkedIn. Do you know what they will find when they do?

As a marketer in today’s world it’s essential to have your personal presence on the web polished and active. If you want to give yourself an even better edge create your own web portfolio and create a video bio. Some recruiters will automatically reject marketing candidates that have no social media presence.

6. Lead Management = The Follow-Up
All marketers have some type of lead funnel, whether it’s a sophisticated automation system or a rudimentary process. Your leads from your campaign are hopefully not just sitting somewhere in a database. It should be the same way with your job search.

You can use a tool like Jibber Jobber, a CRM system for job search, to track your applications, interviews, and connections. This will help you be much more prepared when you get calls and want to follow up on your status.

And, you may think this goes without saying, but always write a thank you note to anyone you interview with. Time is of the essence so email is acceptable. Many job seekers just don’t do this. So, it’s an easy way to gain an edge on your competition when you do.

A former manager of mine once told me direct response marketers survive with a 1 percent response rate. Hopefully, you’ll have a better response rate than that. The good thing about a job search campaign, though, is you only need a conversion rate of one.

Did I miss any key campaign components? What other marketing strategies would you apply to your job search? Tell me in the comments below.

Author: Michelle Robin

The toughest marketing challenge of all is marketing you, and the purpose of this blog is to help marketing superstars, like you, conquer that challenge and excel in your career.

Passionate about direct marketing and helping people find jobs, Michelle Robin has translated her extensive B-to-B marketing background into a career focused on her true love: creating powerful career marketing documents that lead to interviews at her clients’ target organizations. As Chief Career Brand Officer at Brand Your Career, she works with executive-level sales and marketing professionals across the U.S., and helps them discover their personal brand and fast track their job search.

An award-winning and dual-certified resume writer (NCRW and PARW), Michelle’s work has been published in the book, Modernize Your Resume: Get Noticed...Get Hired.

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