4 Ways Real Estate Agents Build Trust With Direct Mail

Spring traditionally means a big pickup in the real estate market, which also means more real estate mail.

This year is no different.

Spring traditionally means a big pickup in the real estate market, which also means more real estate mail.

This year is no different.

In fact, with milder weather coming early across much of the country, and interest rates starting to creep higher, I’ve had a few people ask me about what’s working for real estate firms in the mail.

I’m not talking about actual promotions for houses and properties, though I do have a lot of samples to look at.

Rather, they’re interested in how agents and Realtors build their businesses with mail.

I don’t have any numbers to share, but I have seen some interesting campaigns come across my desk.

Here are a few standout ideas.

1. Data
Real Estate MailSome agents leverage data to generate leads in interesting ways. This Realtor’s 2-panel self-mailer directs her prospect to a PURL, which can be reached by either manually typing it in, or scanning the QR code.

Once there, the buyer can provide her contact information, including email. As a result, information supplied by the agent includes personalized market updates, open house reviews, and weekly reports.

2. Maps
Real Estate mailLots of agents keep targeted locations apprised of what’s happening in their neighborhood. They’ll send listings of recent sales with comparison information, like pricing, address, days on the market, etc.

Whether they’re called a “review,” “market report,” or “activity update,” their goal is to generate interest by showing the sheer volume of action.

But including a map on the mail piece, with pins showing the recent sales, has a different kind of impact. The homeowner can visualize where they are in relation to the properties. And when they enter the code provided, they get an estimate of what their home is worth.

3. Events
Real Estate mailAnother way to generate leads is by demonstrating expertise of both the agent and the agency via an event. This simple postcard uses bullet points to list some of the topics covered by the seminar for people thinking of selling their house.

The agent gets valuable leads who can be converted down the line. And homeowners get actionable information that will come in handy when it’s time for them to sell.

4. Testimonials
Real Estate mailI’m a big believer in their usefulness in pretty much any sector. And I’m kind of surprised I don’t see it pop up more.

This is one of the rare examples, a postcard mailed by an agent in Brooklyn to list recent sales. The front here balances a single sentence across the top with two longer paragraphs praising the salesperson’s work.

For agents and Realtors, direct mail can be a great way to build potential clients into leads. With compelling and useful information, people develop trust in their person and their brand. They’ll feel that someone gets their needs, and that they’ll be ready to help them when they’re ready to sell.

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