7 Direct Mail Best Practices for Food Delivery

It’s been a long hot summer, mercifully drawing to a close. It’s been too hot to make dinner. The thing is, there are only so many times you can go out to eat, or get pizza, or order Chinese. So, the other day, I gathered up some mail I get at the office from food and meal delivery startups. I thought we could try something new.

4. Leverage Big Names

FoodCaviar_01Caviar’s tagline is “Delivering food that used to be too good for delivery.”  It partners with local restaurants that tend to be upscale or pretty popular. Listing them on the front gets your attention, and you discover that you can experience their cuisine right in the comfort of your own home.

5. Talk About the Benefits

FoodMunchery_01Munchery delivers meals made by chefs in their kitchens in several major cities. Using this map on the address side of this mail piece, it explains the importance of some of the service’s features. For example, the food is delivered chilled “so you can heat and eat on our own schedule.”

6. Market Around Holidays

FoodSeamless_01Holidays and holiday seasons are great occasions to let someone else do the hard work of preparing meals and delivering them to your location. Seamless targets a business with this mailer that was sent out right after New Year’s Day.

7. Target Growing Niches

FoodDTDOrg_01According to the Nutrition Business Journal, sales of organic food are expected to exceed $60 billion by 2020. Door to Door Organics, which operates in several states, focuses on this expanding market by offering a subscription delivery service. The inside of this tri-fold self-mailer shows smiling kids and brightly-colored food. It offers 50% off one of its options as well as a no questions asked “joy delivered guarantee.”

Some other things I noticed about this mail:

  • Almost all of these efforts are single postcards
  • Discount codes, BOGO, and  friends-and-family offers drive sales

Ultimately, it all comes down to convenience. As another Caviar mail piece put it: “Look. People are busy. People are tired. Going out can be a hassle.” So true. Now if I could only figure out what to have for dinner …

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