7 Ways to Polish Your Video Concept and Message

Whether you’ve been using video to market your product or services for a long time or are just getting started, there is always the question of content: “What do I do a video about”? Let’s face it, there are more bad video’s on YouTube than good ones. This week’s article will focus on seven steps to polish your idea process.

Whether you have been using video to market your product or services for a long time or are just getting started, there is always the question of content: “What do I do a video about?” Let’s face it, there are more bad videos on YouTube than good ones. This may be due to so many people not giving enough thought or planning time to the video for it to be successful. With a little planning and serious thought, you can still have a successful marketing campaign for your video production.

Let’s focus on the first question that you need to ask yourself to kick off your pre-production procedure: What is your Message?

How will you present your message? Are you excited about your topic? If you aren’t, how in the world will the viewers be excited? Consider the obvious: Does it fit in with your demographics? Is it going to resonate with your viewer?

Once you figure out what your message is, consider how you will present that message. Should you have a spokesperson? Should you deliver the message yourself? Should it be serious or humorous? Is it in line with what is trending? Does it have a strong enough message that your viewers will be compelled to do what you want them to do?

Don’t be afraid to try something different. Humor is always great as long as it’s funny. Do you have a team of people who will give you honest opinions when they critique what you’re doing? Is this educational? Is it informative? Does it touch their emotions? Does your video solve a problem or answer the viewer’s questions?

Remember, once you upload something to YouTube, it’s going to be there forever. Regardless of whether you set it to private; if anyone looks hard enough, they can find it. More importantly, is your video’s concept sustainable? This is where the well thought-out game plan is more important. A video that has an interesting message or solves someone’s problem will have the longevity and continuity of being watched, even years after it’s first posted.

Do you have a special announcement to make? Publicity videos are a great way to get your message out there with a soft-selling approach. A message from the CEO is also affective and can get your message out there quickly. Just remember that videos that last over 60 seconds tend to get boring.

Now that you have a few great pointers to consider, start with a list of 10 video ideas. Share with the critics who will most reliably give you a real opinion. Once you’ve narrowed down the idea, create the message. Research the message on line to see what others are saying about it. Script it or storyboard it out, and then plan carefully.

  1. Ask some of your employees or staff to develop ideas based on common themes they see or hear from your market
  2. Read journals, blogs and trade magazines that are related to your business
  3. Search the Internet for video’s that are similar and copy from the masters
  4. Write 10 ideas, then draw from a hat
  5. Watch the news to check for trends
  6. Ask your clients directly
  7. Develop a video production journal

Executing the idea is the hardest part. If you do your research and have a well thought-out plan, then you will surely succeed. Don’t be afraid to try new ideas. Some will work, while others will not. It’s better to try than to fail wishing because you didn’t try, as long as your video is focused.

Author: Eve Grey

If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, then an effective direct marketing sales conversion video can be worth 10,000. Online Video Marketing Deep Dive shows how fusing direct marketing with video marketing delivers sales. As technology has driven fundamental changes in direct marketing,

Eve Grey has been in the film industry for over 20 years as both an actress and a film maker. She currently works as a Producer and Director for one of the leading automotive advertising firms in the country. Eve also is one of the featured bloggers for Herman Advertising and 12 Grove Productions in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Eve studied comedy at the 2nd City in Detroit in 1999 and spent 4 years studying acting at the Actors Workshop in Royal Oak, Michigan. She is also an Automotive Sales Veteran and has a degree in Human Service from University of Phoenix. Miss Grey is also a board member for American Advertising Federation in the Fort Lauderdale chapter. In her spare time she works on a television show in development called "Families of Deployment".

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