3 Takeaways From Under-40 Success Stories

On Thursday, May 19, the Direct Marketing Club of New York (DMCNY) held its monthly luncheon, bringing together marketing professionals at all levels. Three collegiate students were given scholarship awards for their work in marketing and a panel was made up of more seasoned professionals — Ashley Johnston-Daly, Pedro Martinez and Donald Gallant were all winners of the 40 Under 40 Award in 2015.

3. ‘Having a Point of View is Most Important’

Gallant learned that having a point of view is important to success when he became the lead director on his previous company’s largest account in January 2014. He says he had to learn how to be a “client-facing individual” very quickly because he was accustomed to working in the background learning as much as he could about marketing data. All of the skills he acquired during this time allowed him to develop a point of view.

“We can sit here and take in all this data and predict what your sales are going to be, but what you can’t take into account is something like Hurricane Sandy that happened three years ago,” says Gallant. “We knew that was going to impact business. We had to educate them (our clients) and say, ‘This happened, expect sales to decrease, expect a tough time.’ As long as you’re able to articulate that kind of thought process and take in all the outside factors, it makes you more valuable as a person, not just network.”

Widespread power outages and flooding during and after the hurricane made it difficult to keep business going as strong as data had predicted for that time.

“Our clients took a pretty significant hit. But, you have to keep reassuming them ‘here’s what we’re going to do next to make up some of that loss.’ That point of view becomes very valuable in terms of bouncing back,” says Gallant.

These three marketers have taken the above advice to build successful careers in the field. What’s the best advice — either personal or career focused — you’ve received?

Author: Taylor Knight

Taylor Knight is an associate content editor for Target Marketing and Total Retail. She enjoys writing and creating video content to interact with an audience.

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