Direct Mail Isn’t Dead: You Just Have to Make It Come to Life

Direct mail, sometimes seen as an outdated channel for reaching consumers, is still one of the best ways to get promotions and offers directly into the hands of consumers — something that many emails simply can’t achieve. While claims that “direct mail is dead” are ubiquitous, direct mail is far from being dead. Here are six methods for pumping life into direct mail campaigns.

5. Make It Interactive

Adding an element of interactivity to direct mail creative ensures that consumers will stop and engage with the piece itself. Leave behind flat pieces that don’t offer engagement opportunities for recipients to interact with your message and offer.

From unique slide-outs, pop-ups or 3D elements, interactivity enhances a direct mail piece’s ability to engage and intrigue. Other options like lenticular effects, scratch-offs and even sound chips offer consumers a reason to interact with your mailer. These interactive elements create an instant attraction that demand exploration and will ensure your brand and offers don’t go unnoticed.

6. Make It Personal and Exclusive

personalized direct mailDirect mail is no longer a one-size-fits-all approach. It has to feel personal to drive action. This doesn’t mean that every mailer has to be designed specifically for one customer or prospect, but each individual person is going to want to feel like it is. Not only does the mailer have to feel personal to the receiver, but it must also make the recipient feel exclusive.

From loyalty programs to welcome kits, personalization of direct mail is critical to make consumers valued. Whether it’s small touches of personalization such as embossing a recipient’s name or full-on personalization through specialty kits, making direct mail personal and exclusive increases response rates and strengthens brand loyalty.

Direct mail is far from being a thing of the past. A well-designed direct mail campaign can be the perfect vehicle for acquiring and retaining clients, no matter the industry. The key to success in direct mail marketing is to inject life into every mailer through innovative techniques that increase open rates, drive engagement and get responses.

Although investing even fractions of a penny more for new print or structural techniques may be out of the question, especially on tight budgets, the quality and impact of direct mail can make a world of a difference.

Working with the right print provider who can deliver on innovation, creativity, cutting-edge print technology and ingenuity, an average direct mail piece can be turned into a powerful vehicle for delivering your message and strengthening your brand. The best part is that this can often be achieved under budget.

Next time you’re planning a direct mail campaign, bring your mailers to life with unique structural elements, wise use of stocks, colors and coatings, and action-inspiring tactile elements for a multisensory experience.

Author: Michael DiFranco

Michael DiFranco serves as the VP of Marketing at JohnsByrne. Celebrating its 56th year of operations, JohnsByrne Company is a custom packaging and print solutions provider catering to major brands in health and beauty, food and beverage and consumer products. With a culture built around innovation, quality, design and speed, the company's offerings span value added folding cartons, specialty packaging and high impact direct mail. To learn more about these and other services, visit

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