Dissolve Delivers Creative B2B Direct Mail

An online B2B marketer uses direct mail to reach out to a creative audience.

An online B2B marketer uses direct mail to reach out to a creative audience.

Mailer Name: Dissolve
Date Mailed: October 2016

Dissolve direct mailDissolve, a Calgary-based stock photography and video company, has marketed itself with some interesting direct mail pieces recently. Examples include booklets, postcards, and comic books.

This direct mail package’s outer looks like a film processing envelope. It’s an attention-getting technique used over the years by other marketers and fundraisers in their mail. But unlike those efforts, this campaign actually does include snapshots.

“Quality Photos Guaranteed” reads the retro-style graphic on the front. Below, in a handwriting font, “Summer favorites 2016” is scrawled. The address side uses a burst to announce a 15% discount and a free font to tantalize the prospect. That, and the noticeable heft of the “beautiful photos inside!”, gets the envelope opened.

Dissolve direct mailEnclosed are 11 vacation trip photos, ranging from the ridiculous (dinosaurs) to the sublime (beaches), all printed on heavy stock paper. Like the images in its comic books and catalogs, these images come from Dissolve’s collection of stills and videos. To keep up the illusion, many of their backs include a date, name, or cryptic reference, also in a handwritten font.

Several inserts help explain what Dissolve is all about. “Roll the exclusive footage,” the headline on one reads. It points customers to the website for more information about the company’s video clips. Another uses charts to explain Dissolve’s pricing, and promote the discount teased on the envelope. Finally, a third piece previews a free font, Henderson, and offers it as a limited-time free download.

For insight on the printing specifications of this direct mail piece, please check out this video by Ashley Roberts of Printing Impressions (a sister brand of Target Marketing).

The Takeaway
For a target audience used to working in a digital world, a printed direct mail piece can be a fun way to speak to their creativity.

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