Let’s Get Creative (If We Have the Time …)

PUT ON THOSE THINKING CAPS, it’s time to talk creativity! How do you flick on that creative switch when you’re focused on 483 non-creative, deadline-centric tasks per day?

PUT ON THOSE THINKING CAPS, it’s time to talk creativity!

“But Dani,” you might say, “Your blog is literally called Creative Caffeine, isn’t that what you always talk about?”

Yeah, I know bud, but I don’t usually talk about creativity itself. That is, how to foster it, how to flick on that switch so the creative cup runneth over, particularly when you’re focused on 483 non-creative, deadline-centric tasks per day, as most of us are.

Even in marketing positions like mine, where creativity is an essential in the day-to-day, it can be nearly impossible to find the time, place and stimulation to mine those brain gems. Take me, for example. I’m a fraud. I write this blog supposedly about all things creative, but I only post once a month because I never feel like I have the creativity to spare or the time to find more. I didn’t even come up with this topic, editor-in-chief of Target Marketing Thorin McGee did!

So how do you feed your right brain in a work day full of left-brained tasks? Do you set aside time for it? Do you have a playlist you listen to, or a podcast, or a calendar of inspirational quotes that you go back to time and time again when you need that extra spark?


This image was a free result for “creativity”, but also it reminds me of that one episode of Black Mirror. Bonus.

Personally, I often just have to hope I can find the time to completely zone out and/or doodle, usually while listening to a showtunes playlist, for a little while, because that’s honestly my most successful brainstorming method. I have to disengage before I can find a way to be engaging, or something like that. Unfortunately, that opportunity is rarer than desired.

Fortune published a great post just last week, “Why You Can’t Force Creativity at Work,” offering a few alternatives to the “sit at your desk crying and avoiding your other work until something comes to you” method, such as:

  • Encourage Outside Interests
  • Provide Flexible Deadlines (This one is KEY in my world!)
  • Allow for an “ideas before measurement” mindset

I found another great article on Huffington Post from a couple of years ago, but its points feel evergreen: “Fostering a Culture of Creativity in the Workplace.” One suggestion it offers is to take cues from classic improv theater games, like every theater kid’s favorite “Yes, and …” As a former (is it something you ever really grow out of?) theater kid myself, this one’s definitely on my To Try list.

Oh, obviously, I also rely on coffee. While some sources will tell you caffeine stunts creativity, this article from the Atlantic gives a lot of science-y reasons those sources are wrong and confirmation bias leads me to believe it.

So how about you? Do you use any of these ideas, or have your own methods? Do you find it difficult to balance the scales between creativity and productivity? As always, let me know.

Talk to you in July!

The Great Twitter Roundup: All About Direct Marketing 2017

All About Direct Marketing Virtual Conference and Expo was last week — let’s see what attendees had to say in the #AADM hashtag.

Hey there, I hope everyone’s enjoying their May so far. Here in Philadelphia, it’s definitely not always sunny at the moment, especially for this far into springtime. Luckily, nice weather was not a requirement for the All About Direct Marketing Virtual Conference and Expo last week, live on May the 4th of all days. (And yes, the Force was strong.) AADM is the baby of my BFFs here at Target Marketing.

The virtual conference featured sessions and speakers highlighting the hottest hot-button issues in direct marketing for 2017. While it was live last week, if you didn’t make it you can still catch the full show or check out just a few sessions on-demand until August 8. It’s all free — just submit your registration and you’re good to go.

But if you’re busy at the moment and just want a snapshot to tide you over, I did a quick scan of the #AADM17 hashtag to see what reactions and takeaways attendees had that day. Let’s take a look!


You might be able to tell just from a cursory glance, like I did, that one of the real talking points of the day was the closing keynote session: Here Are the Women: A way forward for the world’s largest emerging market, with speaker Julie Rezek, President, North America, of HackerAgency. There were definitely enlightening, important points made in this one, and timely to say the least.

But the full agenda was filled with interesting and diverse topics like tapping into emotion to fuel sales, color psychology in marketing, the recipe for viral videos, and emerging tech for interactive direct mail. The full agenda is here for your perusal.

Want to explore these sessions and more? Sign up here and you’ll have immediate access to the show, to enjoy at your leisure. If you do visit, don’t forget to spread the love on social like these fine folks did — #AADM17!

Catch you next time!

The Kitty Poop Conspiracy: PetSafe’s Hilarious Litter Box Campaign

My favorite marketing campaign as-of-late is for a product centered around cat doo-doo, but not a single shred of The Kitty Poop Conspiracy stinks.

If the viral success of the FurKids Animal Shelter commercial a few months ago is any indication, sometimes a good marketing campaign only needs two key ingredients: 1) cats and 2) the low budget aesthetic.

My favorite creative campaign I’ve seen as-of-late makes exemplary use of both traits, and this will be a pretty quick post but I had to give it a shout meow-out. It’s a product centered around, well … cat doo-doo, but there’s not a single shred of it that stinks.

PetSafe’s ScoopFree litter box is a mechanical, self-cleaning litter box that rakes your furry best friend’s droppings into a covered trap as soon as kitty leaves the box. As all cat owners know, this pretty much sounds like a dream come true. The appeal of a self-cleaning, odor-trapping litter box speaks for itself, right?

That being the case, PetSafe took their product messaging to the next level. They created catspiracy.com to promote the litter box and all its incredible features, in the style of a late 1990s amateur-created conspiracy website, complete with neon type and terrible animations. Oh, and it’s from the cats’ POV.

siteThe concept: Humans are harvesting cat dung for profit using these high-tech machines. Cats around the globe demand to know the truth, and to keep their valuable droppings for themselves! The Catspiracy!

Check out the hilarious commercial here.

As a lover of both cats and great copy, I couldn’t possibly be more on board with this whole thing.

They’ve even got testimonials from the brilliant cat minds connecting the dots. Dr. Bottomsworth has a higher degree than I do, he must be a credible source.

testimonialsThe most impressive part of the whole thing is that, while hilarious and ridiculous, the promos still clearly depict why the ScoopFree is a great product. It absolutely made me want to buy one.

Definitely check out the site and videos if you’re looking for a Monday pick-me-up. And if you don’t hear from me again for a while, assume the shady powers that be got me for spreading the cat’s honest truth.

A Bee’s Seeds, Easy as 1-2-3 for Cheerios

As you’ve probably heard, in recent years there has been an alarming decrease in bee populations worldwide. Last week, General Mills and Veseys launched a marketing campaign to #BringBacktheBees, and I’m a huge fan.

The seed packs mailed out in Cheerios's ongoing "Bring Back the Bees" campaign.
The seed packs Cheerios is using to “Bring Back the Bees.”

March is halfway through, but it’s been a long cold month so far, at least here on the East coast. (I had to rock n’ roll my car out of ice twice yesterday, the second time my dentist had to step in to help!) But, this week I saw a campaign from an internationally renowned brand that put a smile on my face, so I thought I’d throw a little light on it here to warm things up.

As you’ve probably heard, in recent years there has been an alarming decrease in bee populations worldwide. This isn’t great news for pretty much anyone, since we all rely on the crops which rely on the pollination bees provide. In a particularly topical plot twist on Doctor Who, we learned the bees were disappearing simply to find their home on another planet; assuming this isn’t the case in reality, we’re left wondering what we can do about it.

That’s where General Mills, in partnership with Vesey’s, stepped in last week, with Honey Nut Cheerios front and center of their #BringBackTheBees campaign. Making clever use of the cereal’s well-known honeybee mascot, Buzz, the brand released a line of boxes with a blank white space where Buzz should bee be.

“Where’s Buzz the Bee?” is the question posed on their https://bringbackthebees.ca/. “Buzz is missing because there’s something serious going on with the world’s bees.” On the website, you’ll find kid-friendly and beautifully designed infographs, videos, and fun facts breaking down exactly why it’s so important to help the bee population. You’ll also find the explanation of a central pillar of the effort: GM will be giving away over 100 million packets of wildflower seeds with purchases of Honey Nut Cheerios boxes. The aim is for everyone to successfully plant the seeds and create a more bee-friendly environment.

It’s a fantastic plan of action, really, appealing to even the youngest Cheerios fans. It’s often kids at the helm of Honey Nut Cheerio consumption, and kids who want to grab that free prize that comes with the cereal box. That child reads the cereal box at breakfast, grabs their seed packet, and no doubt will be excited to run outside as soon as it’s nice enough and help mom or dad plant them. And they’ve learned something about environmental conservation in the process! Maybe even taught their parents.

To add a little social twist and work the viral marketing angle as all the best marketing campaigns do, you’re also encouraged to take pictures of your seed-planting efforts and eventual results and post them to your social media channels with the hashtag #BringBackTheBees. There’s another little twist of genius here; while many social campaigns have a fairly short shelf-life, it can take quite some time to cultivate successful wildflower growth, so the use of this hashtag could conceivably stretch out for months or years.

And of course, at the heart of it all? The brand is spreading environmental awareness and education, and trying to take concrete action. You love to see that done so creatively! Now, I have come across some less positive takes on Buzz’s approach, as the blend of wildflowers included in the giveaways may not be the best options for every environment. But while huge, seemingly philanthropic marketing campaigns sometimes have less-than-altruistic intentions, even those criticizing the approach overall agree that this is a great effort and General Mills is already doing what it can for the environment.

Whether the wildflower seeds result in billions of bee-topias or just result in a few aesthetically pleasing patches or get accidentally thrown away with the cereal box, the value of the educational resources on https://bringbackthebees.ca/ and http://www.cheerios.com/weneedthebees cannot be understated, not to mention the … wait for it … buzz that a campaign like this generates around its topic. Hopefully we’ll see a lot more of this sort of thing in 2017.

Hats and stingers off to you, General Mills. Cheerio!

Like a Bolton From the Blue: A Rebrand Success Story

Sometimes you see a rebrand revealed that just makes you go “!!!!!!!!!!” in a good way. Like, “Ahhh yes I see what they were going for here and it’s working for me.” Early 2017 has kicked off with one of the best rebrand jobs I could imagine. The one … the only … Michael Bolton.

Sometimes you see a rebrand revealed that just makes you go “!!!!!!!!!!” in a good way. Like, “Ahhh yes I see what they were going for here and it’s working for me.” All the time, resources, programming, designing, blood sweat and tears that go into a full rebrand are, of course, worth it in the end when your brand has the image, message, and audience it needs for lasting success.

I’m bringing this up because early 2017 has kicked off with one of the best rebrand jobs I could imagine, and since a rebrand is a marketing topic, I could use it as an excuse to talk about the one … the only …

Michael Bolton.


Is it the flowing locks, the piercing eyes, the sultry vocals, the full combo? Something about this guy cast a spell over millions of the so-inclined population in the 80s and early 90s, resulting in 75 million-plus record sales and multiple Grammy awards. But as for his staying power with his fans’ children  … well, my earliest memory of the Bolt is “that weird looking guy in the love songs commercial that comes on during Doug.” A few years later, he was upgraded to “the guy who sings the Hercules song.”

I think it’s safe to say the same traits that made him a heartthrob in his heyday were a recipe for the kids of his fans to brand him tragically uncool. So how’d he end up front and center of Netflix release, Michael Bolton’s Big, Sexy Valentine’s Day Special, landing rave reviews and waves of young adult viewers?

From my humble perspective, Bolton (or whoever manages Bolton’s publicity and marketing, at least) succeeded where so many fail: They tapped into the specific sense of humor of the younger demographic, and they used it to get in on the joke rather than be the butt of it.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not so into blanket “market to millennials” statements, but if there’s one generalization I feel pretty comfortable making, it’s this. The millennial sense of humor has three important components: irony, self-awareness and meme-ability. (This third one is a bit abstract, I know, it’s the sort of thing you just know when you encounter it.) Michael Bolton’s return to the mainstream is steeped in all three, in all the best of ways.

14watching-master768Bolton’s arrival in the millennial conscience, at least as “cool” or “funny,” can probably be traced back to a running joke in the 1999 cult classic Office Space. A character in the movie shares his name with the 80s superstar, and has to deal with constant “Are you related to…?” and “Are you a fan of…?” questions throughout the course of the movie and, presumably, his life. From there, the seed was planted.

It wasn’t until 12 years later, in 2011, that comedy trio Lonely Island really made that seed bloom by booking Bolton for a single and accompanying music video. In Jack Sparrow, the trio records what sounds like a fairly typical mainstream rap track, until Michael Bolton, now rocking a short ‘do, continues to “interrupt” with a dramatic, power ballad hook telling the story of the popular Pirates of the Caribbean character. And it’s a heckin jam. As of the time I’m writing this post, the video has 163 million views.

From there, Michael Bolton has successfully become cool to the kids. Fast forward to 2017, and they’ve taken that idea and run the whole nine yards with it. I won’t get into the absurd but hilarious (and raunchy) plot of the Netflix special, but suffice it to say, Michael must harness the power of his … ahem … mood-making music to save Christmas.

It’s the perfect way to combine his cheesy, saccharine romance image of the past with the ridiculous, campy-yet-clever style of today’s comedic landscape. At some point, he faces off with saxophonist Kenny G (played by Andy Samberg) while the real Kenny G plays a janitor.

The concept itself might have been enough to get people intrigued, but Netflix had some seriously killer marketing to go with it, like these amazing promotional videos they tweeted last week. (Warning, they’re PG-13.)

In one more win for the Make Bolton Cool Again publicity team, last week Vanity Fair released an incredible video in which Michael Bolton goes undercover as a barista at a local coffee shop, singing the customers’ names and orders. It’s pretty much the best four minutes of my life. “The Bolts served us,” one 20-something hipster tells the camera in excitement. If that’s not proof of winning over a new generation, I don’t know what is.

He knows he’s kinda lame, he knows his whole shtick back in the day was first-dance-wedding-playlist-music, and he knows no one can deny he’s got pipes. All it takes his his willingness to play up all these facts to the fullest, and BAM, he’s got himself a whole new audience. I have so much respect for every creative mind involved in this endeavor.

The Bolts even inspired our millennial-run marketing and events department here at Target Marketing to add a new feature to our corner of the office. Starring Michael Bolton, and featuring some random other Boltons, I present to you….


… The Bolton Board. 

Happy (week after) Valentine’s Day!

Let’s Do This, 2017: A Few Marketing Resolutions

Last January, I whipped up a list of New Year’s marketing resolutions for me and other young marketing professionals to shoot for in 2016. We don’t have to get into how many of them I successfully followed. In any case, it’s a brand new year now and it’s time for a brand new list.

Last January, I whipped up a list of New Year’s marketing resolutions for me and other young marketing professionals to shoot for in 2016. We don’t have to get into how many of them I successfully followed.

In any case, it’s a brand new year now and it’s time for a brand new list. (Keeping it shorter means a more likely 100 percent success rate.)

Group of people dressed in business attire racing on track. Some slight motion blur on people.
Look, our good friends People in Business Suits Doing Athletic Things are back!

Use A/B Testing Way More Often

I’m so embarrassed at how little of this I actually do. The number of times per week I think to myself “Ugh, these two subject lines both seem appealing but which one is the true winner which ONE??!!,” but ultimately blindly make the call and pray … well, it’s a lot of times. Not to mention the age-old question “would the text-only or graphics-heavy version of this email work best?”

Clearly, the simple and intelligent answer is A/B testing, yet it always seems to come down to an “if I only had the time” pipe dream. Or, in cases when I would need different versions of creative, “if the art department only had the time.”

But, seeing as it’s been proven time and time again that testing works (I mean, logic, right?) I think 2017 is the year I stop making excuses and start making the time. If I can complete even one test per campaign I’d be satisfied. Who’s with me?

Do More Research

This one’s more or less inspired by the previous. There’s just so much brilliant marketing research being done every day, new statistics and new reports and new blogs about statistics and reports, it can get a little overwhelming. But it’s also information that could make my job a whole lot easier and more successful in the long run. In 2017, I’m planning to learn and grow more from the insight and intelligence of others in the field, starting with all the resources right here in my http://targetmarketing.adweek.com/ home.

Write Outside of Work

Before I went to college to major in professional writing, I did a lot more writing in my free time, as you can imagine. Now that I spend a good portion of my days writing promotional copy, I still don’t write in my spare time much. This might sound like more of a personal goal than a professional one, but it’s my personal belief (and many in the writing profession agree) that getting those creative juices flowing with no pressure, no deadlines, and no constraints can only improve the writing you do from 9-5. Even if it’s just journaling about my day or blogging about the latest episode of Sherlock (anticlimax much???), I’m hoping to incorporate writing into my non-working life every single day in 2017.

8 Maids a-Milking, 7 Marketing Efforts a-Marketing

With the holidays just days away, every email in my inbox and website in my browser has donned its ugly sweater and draped itself in tinsel. As always, I’m eager to get into the spirit too. Here are a few pieces of seasonal marketing I thought were particularly worthy of the Nice list.

With the holidays just days away, every email in my inbox and website in my browser has donned its ugly sweater and draped itself in tinsel. As always, I’m eager to get into the spirit too. Here are a few pieces of seasonal marketing I thought were particularly worthy of the Nice list.

Take a break from decking those halls and check them out!

Subject Line: No-paper-necessary gifts (Because you’re wrapped up in other things)

First up, Sephora. Proof you don’t need the red-green-white combo to bring the holiday cheer. Bright, colorful, and a clever subject line.And hey — two “wrap”-related puns.


Subject Line: A Bigger, Better Holiday Sale – 30% Off More Holiday Treats!

My next pick is this email from Paper Source. You can see there’s a little more content I cropped off, but the real star (as it should be) was the sale graphic in the top half. Eye-catching sale copy and clean, bright design, and a good choice of product (the “for _________” plate) to represent the goodies. If I have one slight criticism, it’s that at first open, I didn’t realize the writing was part of the plate and tried to click each cookie as if they were separate links! Perhaps a design oversight, but then again, it still got me to click.


Subject Line: A Gift For You: The Limited Edition Sophisticated Marketer’s Holiday Box Set

Because retailers can’t have all the holiday fun! Of course over at LinkedIn they’ve got good campaigns figured out. This email is short and sweet with fun copy (elf-approved!!!) and even better downloadable content. This really is a great gift for any marketer. And look at that elf! He’s just hangin’ out, doin’ Christmas. Aww.


Subject Line: Open for Christmas glow + EXTRA $10 off!

Bath & Body Works has a handle on pretty much every season. What got me on this one is their little advent-calendar Christmas delivery countdown on top (this has actually been a consistent addition since the holiday season started), the coupon code (PEARTREE), and the animation in the graphic, also included below.


Fantastic Marketing Beasts and Where to Find Them!

In honor of the newest addition to the Harry Potter family, I’ve compiled a roundup of magical beastly marketing blogs that you should definitely check out!

Surprise! It’s me, Dani, with a blog entry directly inspired by some Harry Potter thing or another that’s happening this week!

Listen, I’m going to be upfront with you: my to-do list is insane today and I need to wrap up my urgent items in time to go see a certain movie tonight, so this entry will be of the short and sweet variety.

In honor of the newest addition to the HP family, I’ve compiled a short (seriously, there’s only 5!) roundup of just a few magical and beastly marketing blogs that you should definitely check out — copy/creative-centric, of course. Wands at the ready!

“They said WHAT about reverse type??”


Nepotism? What nepotism? Okay yes, I’m kicking the list off by keeping it in the Target Marketing family, but as soon as you read a single Sass Marketing post, you’ll understand why. Melissa Ward runs this fantastic beast of a blog, and she gave it the perfect name. Take a dive through creative, content, and design triumphs and pitfalls with a perfect side of sass.

SEOCOPYWRITING.COM (Heather Lloyd-Martin)

If only copywriting was as easy as just … being able to write. Oh no, not these days pal. We’ve got our good friend SEO to consider if we ever want our words to see the light of a search result. If you sometimes wake up in a cold sweat from nightmares of your masterpiece withering away on the 19th page of Google search, this blog is the potion for you. With her 17-plus years of SEO copywriting experience, Heather Lloyd-Martin helps you write your way to traffic-driving glory in easy-to-understand, actionable doses.


Accio content marketing genius! That’s the spell that will bring you right to Jay Baer’s Convince and Convert blog. This one gives you a little bit of everything content marketing: creation, strategy, branding, design, productivity, you name it. Jay Baer has been called “The World’s Most Inspirational Marketing and Customer Service Speaker,” and Convince & Convert was named the No. 1 content blog in the world by Content Marketing Institute, so it’s a no-brainer why it earns a “beast” shoutout.


Speaking of the Content Marketing Institute, founder Joe Pulizzi’s blog is another must. This guy literally wrote the book on content marketing … a bunch of them, actually. His blog is basically a jackpot for anyone who’s ever needed to know about content creation, or storytelling, or audience engagement, or measurement, or … you get the idea. It’s personable, funny, and includes tons of real life content success examples. Along the same vein, Joe and CMI chief strategy advisor Robert Rose co-host a podcast called This Old Marketing — oft referenced on the blog and equally spellbinding.


I only recently came across this Australian SEO copywriter’s work and I was immediately hooked. This gal knows how to use her words, and she uses them to perfection on her blog in order to help you use your too. (Kate did NOT assist me with that last sentence, as you may have assumed.) Just check out some of these blog post titles: “How Donald Trump helped me write my book in 7 days”, “Learning to love your own voice,” “5 big fat lies about eCourses,” “Hideous copywriting buzzwords that really get my goat” … how can you not be tempted to read? I love Kate’s tone and her experienced, practical advice. I’m excited to keep digging into the archives of this one!

Image result for fantastic beasts

I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I assume the guy above is just grumpy he hasn’t found the blogs to solve his rebrand dilemma yet. Don’t be like this guy. Check out these fantastic resources now that you know where to find them! And hey, let me know if you have more witchcraft and wizarding suggestions.

Have a safe and delicious Thanksgiving!

Sneak Peak of All About eMail 2016 (And My Cat)

Target Marketing’s annually presented, annually amazing All About eMail Virtual Conference is live this Thursday (Oct. 27)! If you’re not signed up to join us yet, you’re gonna want to give this link the good ole’ clickaroo right about now.

aaemDoes it seem like I’m always gushing about an upcoming virtual conference in these posts? Well here comes another one — I can’t help it if my squad at TM is always churning out these exciting and relevant marketing extravaganzas. (Hashtag #NotBiased.)

Target Marketing’s annually presented, annually amazing All About eMail Virtual Conference is live this Thursday (Oct. 27)! If you’re not signed up to join us yet, you’re gonna want to give this link the good ole’ clickaroo right about now.

In case the title doesn’t drop a big enough hint, this is a full day of expert sessions, discussions and resources all dedicated to preparing, polishing and perfecting your email marketing strategy. The show’s not brought to you by the letter “P,” but it should be.

As I like to do, I thought I’d just highlight a few of the sessions here that are right up the alley for those of us in the copy and creative corner of email marketing. I’m really excited about these! You can also check out the full agenda here.

Opening Keynote: 7 Small Ideas That Make a Big Impact on Your Email Program

Starts: 10:15 am | Ends: 11:00 am

If anyone knows about making an email program kick some butt, it’s Andrew Kordek — Chief Strategist and Co-Founder of Trendline Interactive. In the opening keynote of the show, he’ll share some of the small ideas that have made a huge difference for him in his 17 years of major email marketing experience. Of course many of these gems will be creative-centric, like how to write better subject lines using the C.U.R.V.E. method.

Hit up this session Thursday morning and learn why the small ideas could be your big break.

How to Engage When Customers Don’t Give a Damn

Starts: 11:10 am | Ends: 11:40 am

“Frankly, [COMPANY NAME], I don’t give a damn!” Ever feel like customers are pulling a Rhett Butler on you, even when your product is the best and you have the evidence to prove it? When you just can’t seem to find that magic switch to get consumers engaged and inspired, sometimes all it takes it a little psychology (ain’t that always the way of it?)

Psychology-based marketing goes beyond just creating eye-catching graphics and punchy copy. In this mind-blowing session, Author, Consultant and Keynote Presenter of e4 Marketing Jeanette McMurtry (MBA/APR) will delve into powerful psychological principles, and how you can tap into them with your content and messaging to captivate your customers, and gain their trust and belief in your brand. No hypnotism here folks, no one will be made to cluck like a chicken — just really good, meaningful marketing.

If Scarlet O’Hara had come to this session, things might’ve turned out differently.

Email Roundtable: Creative Insights You Can Steal

Starts: 3:30 pm | Ends: 4:30 pm

To close out the day with a bang, Target Marketing snagged three brilliant creative masterminds for a roundtable discussion sure to chase away any afternoon drowsiness.

Featuring Relish Tray CEO Liz Ryan, Target Marketing’s own managing editor Melissa Ward (aka Sass Marketing), and President/CCO of DM Creative Group Patrick Fultz, this session will take us through real, tested design techniques and copy that works, and how we can tuck ideas into our old pal the swipe file for stealing smart.

Liz, Melissa and Patrick plan to discuss tips and best practices that drive more clicks and conversions, simple creative approaches to engage your audience, and what’s happening so far with the 2016 holiday season email. With this crew, it’s sure to be highly spirited, highly opinionated, and a lot of fun.

Word on the street is we can even except some healthy debate between the panelists. One thing’s for sure, this will be a lot more conducive to your creative efforts than that thing everyone was watching last Wednesday night. (Tongue-in-cheek election reference, check. Am I a cool kid now?)

Of course with a full, free day of email marketing experts and innovation, the show will offer a whole lot more where these highlights came from. Mathematically guaranteed better ROI, email integration in omnichannel campaigns, email acquisition, Slack, if you can email it you can find a session or resource about it at All About eMail.

Coming soon to an internet near you! That’s this Thursday, Oct. 27 to be exact, beginning at 10:00 am ET and wrapping up at 4:30 pm ET. And through the magic of the internet, if you can only come to a few sessions or have to pop in and out throughout the day, you’ll be able to access the show and everything in it on demand starting Monday 10/31. It’ll be available there for three months, so you’ll have all the time in the world to wring out every last drop of email marketing juice. All you have to do is sign up. 

Register now and we’ll even throw in this adorable and culturally relevant picture of my cat. If that doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will.


I just wanted an excuse to share it with the world. 

See you Thursday!

Pumpkins Attack My Inbox 2: The Revenge

It’s that time of year again! Last year around this time I wrote a post about some of the best pumpkin-themed emails that were pouring into my inbox. So I thought, “Everyone loves pumpkin, and everyone loves sequels!” And with that amazing segue out of the way … here are some creative uses of everyone’s favorite fall flavor.

Alright, first things first since I know you’ve all been waiting on the edge of your seats to find out …

My Harry Potter wand is 12 inches, made of reed, with a Phoenix Feather core. Whew, you can all relax now!

So yes, I had my exciting adventure to Wizarding World since we last chatted, and it was everything I could have dreamed and more. In addition to all of the amazing book-inspired food I ate that weekend, Wizarding World offers this amazing Pumpkin Juice that comes in these adorable bottles:

Merchandise product shoot for internet online store Harry Potter HP merchandise on white seamless Pumpkin juice chocolate frogs

I was reflecting on this, and I realized …”Hey … it’s that time of year again!” Last year around this time I wrote a post about some of the best pumpkin-themed emails that were pouring into my inbox, so I thought, “Everyone loves pumpkin, and everyone loves sequels!” And with that amazing segue out of the way … here are some creative uses of everyone’s favorite fall flavor.

Subject Line: Just in Time for Fall: Our Top 5 Pumpkin Desserts


Chocolate much? Love this recipe email from Hershey’s, which is a great use of Pumpkin-mania and a great example of content marketing. Let those mouth-watering recipes do the selling for you!

Subject Line: Our Fall collection Is here


Wax Crumbles is one of my new obsessions, thanks in large part to their branding, and their simple but highly personal communications. Aside from their products smelling amazing, emails from these guys are like a warm fuzzy hug through my inbox — this fall products announcement was no exception.

Subject Line: Get Pumped for Pumpkin Spice!

keurig           keurig

I mean, punny subject line + animated text for emphasized excitement+ close-up on coffee steam = this is working on me even though I already have a Keurig.