3 Session Highlights for the 2018 FUSE Digital Marketing Summit: AI, Analytics, & How to Size Up Your MarTech Stack

The FUSE Digital Marketing Summit is quickly approaching. Subscribers to the FUSE Digital Marketing Newsletter should already have a sense of what we’ll be covering at the summit, but I just wanted to take a minute to highlight three key sessions that alone warrant marketers spending time attending the summit.

First, a little quick background on the summit:

Where & When: The FUSE Digital Marketing Summit will take place November 27 to 28 in Center City Philadelphia.

Why: With marketers constantly vetting, evaluating, and investing in new technology the two-day FUSE summit is designed to help marketers quickly identify and adopt the most relevant digital technologies. FUSE will dissect the modern martech stack and explore in-depth how the right technologies can enable marketers to achieve real business objectives.

Plus: FUSE Digital Marketing is a free, all-inclusive experience for qualified attendees — senior-level decision makers leading martech strategy and buying decisions. See if you qualify and learn more about the summit here.

Below are three general sessions attendees can look forward to. However, it’s worth noting the unique format of the FUSE summit – attendees will also participate in small-group boardroom case studies and have pre-scheduled 1-on-1 meetings with tech providers. And perhaps most valuable of all are the many networking opportunities with like-minded marketing executives.

3 Key Sessions at the 2018 FUSE Digital Marketing Summit

Keynote: Using AI & Deep Learning to Generate Marketing Results

In this eye-opening session, marketing AI practitioner and BrainTrust Insights co-founder Christopher Penn will explore how artificial intelligence and machine learning are changing marketing. Penn will cover what AI is – and isn’t – and what problems it’s good at solving versus the problems AI solves poorly. This session will use real-life marketing applications to illustrate how AI can elevate content marketing, lead targeting, conversion analysis, and business intelligence. And Penn will share his insight on what marketers need to do to prepare for an AI future.

Speaker: Christopher Penn, Co-Founder & Chief Innovator, BrainTrust Insights

How Do You Stack Up? Practical Advice for Constructing & Managing Your Marketing Tech Stack

In every industry, marketing technology stacks are growing in size and complexity as more products are deployed and integrated, and multiple teams throughout the organization embrace marketing technology in support of digital transformation initiatives. It’s not unusual to see companies using more than 100 different marketing tools at any one time. With a need to integrate many of those tools, building and managing the marketing technology stack has become a tremendous challenge for many organizations.

Leveraging the insights gleaned from hundreds of marketing technology stacks, this session will cover the technologies that companies are currently buying, and the hot technologies that they are looking to integrate into their stack.

Speaker: Anita Brearton, Founder & CEO, CabinetM

How the American Medical Association is Using Analytics to Grow Membership

Content marketing, digital marketing, and consumer marketing have converged to transform how organizations can interact with customers. As a digital change-agent for the past 20 years, Todd Unger, CXO of the American Medical Association, will show how he is transforming AMA’s marketing, using analytics tools to generate insights, quantify content marketing ROI and boost member acquisition and retention efforts.

Speaker: Todd Unger, Chief Experience Officer/SVP Physician Engagement, American Medical Association

Check out the full summit agenda here.