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Last week, in my best attempt to be timely and sporty, we saw the Email Creative Final Four play out in a blaze of March Madness-like glory. Herb Brooks united his squad against the heavily favored Soviet team, and as the U.S. squad tried to overcome insurmountable odds and win … oh wait. That’s the plot to the 2004 hockey drama, “Miracle.” Ahem. Sports.

Lindy Bop, who I have professed great adoration for their dresses, may not be in my inbox as often as Birchbox, but their subject lines and sales always get my attention.
Lindy Bop Top email for Email Creative March Madness Championship
Lindy Bop bottom email for Email Creative March Madness ChampionshipThis email was sent on March 24, and is a little different than the usual Lindy Bop email. The subject line is “Great news for US customers,” and if you don’t think that’s intriguing, then what is? (Quick note: Lindy Bop is based in the UK).

The message lets the subscriber know that as of mid-March, US Customs increased the duty threshold on all exports into the US from $200 to $800. This means Lindy Bop customers can shop til they drop more than usual and avoid paying the extra import tax. The email offers a totally shoppable example, which is also smart business.

It’s saddening to see, however, that the e-tailer skipped a well-written preheader, and instead serves up the same old “Can’t see this email?” Sigh. But back onto a positive note, I love the main image used, as well as the notification at the end about the #SpringintoLB Instagram competition.

Lindy Bop’s Points
Subject line: 3
Preheader text: 0
Copy: 2
Call to action: 2
Overall design: 3
Total: 10 points

Oh wow! Birchbox wins, squeaking past with one extra point, 11-10 vs. Lindy Bop.

Both competitors clearly bring their email creative A-game, but in the end, Lindy Bop’s amateur-at-best preheader cost it the championship. Something we can all learn from.

Check back in mid-late April as I go back to my regularly scheduled monthly Creative Cage Matches. Until then!

Author: Melissa Ward

Melissa Ward is the managing editor for Target Marketing, and she has opinions! More importantly, she's a nerd for great copy and design, a disciple of authenticity, and really loves it when marketers get it right.

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