6 thoughts on “Why Won’t Millennials Call Me?”

  1. But are we talking about all Millennials or just a segment of the total population? Would love to see some research on this…

  2. Very on target. As the mother of a millennial I can confirm her disdain for calling anyone (restaurants, stores, etc.) when she can just use her iPhone to do the work for her. Same thing when communicating with her friends. But when they get together they all hug each other hello. Because I am her mother she does make the occasional exception and call me. But otherwise, mums the word.

  3. My nickname gives away my age range. I’m papa to 4 and Dad to 2. I’m an independent sales rep in the manufacturing sector, trying to reach millennials on a daily basis. My trusty old phone is practically useless and email seems to be dying on the vine as well. The sales profession seems to be changing at the speed of technology. Will this train ever slow down?

  4. Right on the money. But I’d like to add something more. In my experience, a vast amount of useful data, like tone of voice and spontaneous questions, is lost in today’s telephone-averse business culture. I can’t count how many times I was given incomplete direction, or lost substantial time waiting for a millennial to return an emailed question. They seem to think they’re working more efficiently by not interrupting themselves to take phone calls, but the opposite is true — everyone works less efficiency without simple person-to-person contact.

  5. However, millennials do like doing things together (i.e., shopping and eating) and shopping in store while I, a boomer, do everything I can to order online and get free delivery rather than having to go to a store. “It’s a generational thing.” Be flexible and open when working across generations.

  6. I just don’t get those Apple watch commercials. One makes me think that all the wearers are sad/unhappy

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