Cold Email Templates: Who Do You Trust and Why?

From CEOs to inside sellers with no experience: Each week, I meet sellers using the exact same cold email templates … sourced on Google. They all report the same results. Nearly zero response. No meetings. Here’s why: Because they’re sending the exact same templates everyone else is.

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Of course, LinkedIn, the dominant social selling platform, offers the same: Advice on how to best use its expensive Sales Navigator tool… to drum-up business with potential customers. Once again, it does so by distributing templates.

Templates, templates and more templates. Actually, there aren’t that many. A quick Google of “cold email templates” results in plenty of search returns… but most of them providing the same 20 to 30 or so templates.

That’s the problem.

Bottom line: We trust those who aren’t experts because we’re lazy. It’s human nature. Plus, we want to believe the software tools we invest in are built (and used) by other successful experts. But this is rarely the case. Exceptional business practices are exceptional for a reason.

They’re not typical and not widely shared. Certainly not found on Google.

Nobody Unsubscribes (We Mark as Spam)

There are serious dangers involved with using widely-distributed templates … as an individual but also organizationally.

Inbound, unsolicited commercial email comes is targeted by spam-elimination software. Standardized templates make quick work of separating out your messages — spam binning them. If your spammy template does get through, lately, recipients don’t bother unsubscribe. In some cases they cannot.

For example, if no un-sub link is provided (such as in a personal one-to-one email) customers mark your messages as spam. This damages the domain reputation you’re sending from.

All of this bad news begs the obvious question: Where are the best sources of “what works” or best practices for cold email and cold sales prospecting?

There are closed communities of sellers sharing “what works.” Join one. Also, in team sales environments internal best practices are discovered via sales communications training and facilitation of best practice exchanges.

Truth is, human beings tend to experiment and discover what works, but don’t share it. After all, in many cases, there is no incentive to. This is business, after all. All is fair in love and war!

What has your experience been?

Author: Jeff Molander

Jeff Molander is the authority on making social media sell. He co-founded what became the Google Affiliate Network and Performics Inc., where he built the sales team. Today, he is the authority on effective prospecting communications techniques as founder of Communications Edge Inc. (formerly Molander & Associates Inc.) He's been in sales for over 2 decades. He is author of the first social selling book, Off the Hook Marketing: How to Make Social Media Sell for You.Jeff is a sales communications coach and creator of the Spark Selling technique—a means to spark more conversations with customers "from cold," speeding them toward qualification.

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