Coupon Affiliate Websites: Marketing Tips for Success and Pitfalls to Avoid

Marketing with coupon affiliate websites might be the strategy you need to attract audiences that convert — especially if you’re not getting the results you’d like from digital advertising. But you’ll need to make sure you’re forming relationships with the right type of sites, optimizing coupon redemption processes on your end, and avoiding the bad sites along the way.

If you want to offer discounts but don’t want to highlight it heavily in your checkout process, you can replace your promo code box with a smaller text link saying “Enter a promo code.” Shoppers who aren’t too concerned with finding promotions are more likely to ignore this link and continue the checkout process.

Whatever changes you make to your checkout process, just make sure you flag it in your analytics software and monitor how it affects customer behavior. If offering promo discounts increases cart abandonment, you have some problems to fix in your coupon redemption process.

Beware of Bad Platforms

The whole point of working with coupon affiliate sites is to attract new customers. But some dishonest affiliates actually try to get in between you and your audience with spammy coupon practices.

The most notable example of this is creating fake coupons for your site and promoting them on Google search with PPC (here’s an example). So when shoppers see your promo code box and search Google for a coupon, they click on an ad that attracts them back to a coupon site that doesn’t have any valid discounts from your brand.

The best thing you can do to keep these dishonest practices in check is regularly search Google for “yourbrand coupons” and see if the results that come up are all accurate.

You can also audit potential coupon affiliate sites before working with them by testing some of their existing codes for popular brands. If you immediately find some that aren’t working, that’s a red flag.

Next use a tool like SimilarWeb to see what percentage of the site’s traffic comes from search engines. It’s normal for a coupon site to have fairly high traffic from Google, but if you find a site with 90+% of traffic from search, you have to wonder if they truly have their own native audience or if they rely solely on search engines for traffic.

Broaden Your Coupon Marketing Strategy

Many marketers today make the mistake of thinking coupon sites are the only way to promote their discounts. While there are some great platforms out there to work with, there are also plenty of other ways to spread the word about your discount without them.

One viable strategy is working with micro-influencers. Micro-influencers are just regular people with a niche blog or presence on social media. They don’t have huge audiences like coupon sites, but their followers are very engaged and take the recommendations of micro-influencers seriously.

Work with a team of micro-influencers to promote your products and associated promo codes to drive new, valuable traffic back to your site to convert. It’s actually quite easy to find micro-influencers ready to share your promotions if you use marketplaces like Dealspotr, Tribegroup, and Shoutcart.

Wrapping Up

Today’s e-commerce world is so competitive that most people are looking for a deal when they shop online. But your promo codes don’t have to be a necessary evil that sacrifice revenue for conversions.

Market your discounts with the help of coupon affiliate sites and influencers, and you can drive greater ROI for your e-commerce store overall. Just take the time to carefully vet potential partners, track their impact on sales, and optimize your coupon marketing process.

Author: Michael Quoc

Michael Quoc is the founder and CEO of Dealspotr, an open social platform connecting emerging brands, lifestyle influencers, and trend-seeking shoppers in exciting new ways. He was previously the Director of Product Management for Yahoo's media lab, where he spearheaded the launch of several innovative services in the live video and mobile social networking areas. Michael has been awarded nine patents relating to mobile and social network applications and technology. Follow him on Twitter at @michaelquoc.

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