Creative Cage Match: Birchbox vs. Johnny Cupcakes

Again we dive into my personal inbox (I swear, you’re getting to know me too well). This month’s cage match goes a step further to throw in the hot topic of content marketing. Does one marketer do it better than the other, more creatively than the other? We shall see!

Next up is Johnny Cupcakes and the company’s biweekly (approximately) “Tuesday Tips” email. The subject line piques my interest with “Tuesday Tip: Takeout Pizza!” Okay, I love pizza, tell me more.

Johnny Cupcakes Content Marketingd EmailThe email is heavy on the copy and design surrounding the tip: In this case, how you can make your pizza more level when it rides as your trusty car co-pilot.

Aside from the usual social media sites to clickthrough to, as well as the main site, what you see is what you get when it comes to the content. I can appreciate the quick delivery of the content, and out of the many I’ve seen the past year or so, the tips are a nice mix of quirky, creative and useful.

How the tips tie in to the Johnny Cupcakes brand, however, does leave me a little stumped. And while I do open these emails (because, hey, I like tips), I spend a few seconds on them, then hit delete.

So, who won for content marketing? It’s pretty clear that it’s Birchbox. The message is on brand, it’s targeted to me, the customer and it taught me something. As Wil Reynolds said, “Content levels me up.” It makes me a better me.

Making Customers Better SelvesWant to suggest some potential Creative Cage Match marketers, or do you just like snooping in my inbox? Either way, comment below, or email me directly at!

Author: Melissa Ward

Melissa Ward is the managing editor for Target Marketing, and she has opinions! More importantly, she's a nerd for great copy and design, a disciple of authenticity, and really loves it when marketers get it right.

4 thoughts on “Creative Cage Match: Birchbox vs. Johnny Cupcakes”

    1. Don’t get me wrong, I love pizza…but before I watched that video and tried the product, my eyeliner game was on the level of a toddler. Thanks for reading!

    1. As am I! I love the subscription service, and I really appreciate all the videos and articles they have to support the beauty products.

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