Creative Cage Match: King Arthur Flour vs. Cook’s Illustrated

It’s another hot summer month, and another Creative Cage Match is heating up. Now, just because I have no desire to cook or bake in this heat doesn’t mean someone else in a more temperate climate isn’t looking for a new recipe to try or kitchen gadget to pick up. I say go ahead, enjoy … I’ll be over here eating a caprese salad and fanning myself.

Now that we’ve handled our baking needs, let’s look at the email Cook’s Illustrated sent:

Cook's Illustrated email part 1 Cook's Illustrated email part 2 Cook's Illustrated email part 3 Cook's Illustrated email part 4It’s part of the “Well-Equipped Series” which read more like an e-newsletter than a typical promotional piece from them (and one of the reasons I subscribe). The subject line reads: “The Well-Equipped Cook: The Best Gadgets When You’re on the Go.” I appreciate front-loading with the series name, which clues me in a few seconds faster than usual that this is definitely a message I want to read sooner rather than later.

As for content, the Well-Equipped Series is always packed, linking out to guides and videos, as well as providing quick tips, recipes and reviews. There’s a lot to lose yourself in, and I appreciate that the emails are always tightly themed.

Now, as for the specifics of the content, I feel Cook’s Illustrated hits seasonality on the head. From the email:

Whether you’re traveling across town for a party or venturing across the country on a road trip, summer’s adventures require some special equipment. In this week’s buying guide, we’ve selected the best gear for transporting food and drink easily and safely. From our favorite refillable water bottle to the cake carrier made for bumpy car rides, these test kitchen-approved gadgets will make sure your food arrives without any accidents.

That’s exactly the kind of stuff I want to read about in the summer (since I spend more time in the car traveling those months).

So this month’s winner? While I think King Arthur Flour is on point with its valuable content game, it loses out this time on seasonality. I’d much rather read about good gadgets for road trips and how to throw a lobster party over scone baking.

Cook’s Illustrated, I declare you the winner. Now to go hide next to my AC until October hits …

Too hot, need ice cream

Author: Melissa Ward

Melissa Ward is the managing editor for Target Marketing, and she has opinions! More importantly, she's a nerd for great copy and design, a disciple of authenticity, and really loves it when marketers get it right.

2 thoughts on “Creative Cage Match: King Arthur Flour vs. Cook’s Illustrated”

  1. it would be good to know the results of these campaigns to see which one really brought in the most revenue. King Arthur may know from previous scone promotions that this is a winner as far as revenue.

    1. Thanks Jane … it would depend if both these marketers specifically code their links to indicate source and track. But in the nature of my Creative Cage Matches, it’s all based on my [informed] opinion, and for me, I’m not thinking about scone baking in summer.

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment!

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