Customer Experience Failure, Times 2

Here are two instances of poor business practices that lead to customer experience failure — from the same insurance company.

customer experience failure
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Here are two instances of poor business practices that lead to customer experience failure — from the same insurance company.

My sister-in-law (SIL) has been a client of this insurance company since moving back from England 17 years ago. She has maintained both home and auto insurance throughout the 17 years. A couple of weeks ago, she received a letter letting her know they were going to cancel her homeowner’s insurance because her house was vacant. This was news to my SIL, because she’s lived in the house since September 2001.

My SIL goes by her middle name, and the insurance company had her first initial on the auto policy and her middle name on the homeowner’s policy. So the insurance company’s data stewards hadn’t noticed in 17 years that this is the same person at the same address.

Get your master data management practices in order.

Needless to say, my SIL is surprised and disappointed in this customer experience failure. I suggested she get quotes from other providers.

Insurance CX, Round Two

About the time this is occurring to my SIL, unbeknownst to me, I receive a letter from Trinet, my employment management company, with a special offer from MetLife. Because I had not checked rates in a number of years, I decided to get a quote from MetLife for my auto and homeowner’s insurance. I was stunned when it came in at $1,180 less than I was currently paying annually.

I called my insurance provider of 35 years and told it about MetLife’s quote. My provider said that sounded good and they could come down $200.

Thirty-five years = $200.

Sorry, my loyalty only goes so far.

I look forward to saving nearly $100 per month on insurance, as well as following the disruption of insurance as FinTech moves from banking to insurance, providing a better customer experience, more quickly, at a significantly lower cost.

Author: Tom Smith

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