Customer Onboarding: My Moving Experience

Last weekend, I had one of those occasional experiences I used to avoid as much as possible. Yep, I moved. But I also learned about good onboarding.

Last weekend, I had one of those occasional experiences I used to avoid as much as possible.

All too often, it’s meant pain, screaming, panic, lots of money, and even a little foul language.

Yep, I moved.

In past moves, I’ve lost glasses, boxes of photos, and part of my CD collection.

This time, thanks to a lot of preparation, the only casualties were a few coffee mugs. Having professional help for the first time made a big difference.

I started the process a while ago.

USPS COA MailI filled out the USPS change-of-address form online. So I’m expecting to start getting all kinds of cool new mover mail any day now. Really, marketers, now would be a good time! For one thing, I could use a new couch. And a new place to take my car for an oil and filter change. C’mon, get to it!

But I also tried to be smart about planning my switch in services.

My biggest need is for Internet service; TV is secondary. Because the community I moved to mandates working with a specific company – Comcast – I made sure to reach out to them early. I wanted as little hassle as possible in selecting a plan and starting my service.

After a little phone tag with the company’s sales rep and learning about my options, I made my choices.

The first email arrived in minutes, thanking me for selecting my XFINITY service. Besides letting me set up an account name, it included a link that clicked through to an online “Welcome Guide.”

I also got an alternative way to access information: PDFs to review pricing, channel lineups, and contact information.

Later on in the day, I got a confirmation of my installation appointment. That was followed by a reminder 3 days later. In both cases, the intention was simply to help make the experience easier to get up and running by offering tips and eliminating steps.

Comcast emailAnd since the first milestone – installation – has been reached, I’ve received a few more emails.

One of them offers a refresher course on how to use the X1 Voice Remote. And to be honest, I needed to read that one. Besides easy-to-remember tips, there are multiple links for even more.

Another email goes into some detail on streaming via the company’s app on my phone. It isn’t an important feature, but who know … maybe I’ll think differently in a few months.

This is where there’s some real value in doing your onboarding well. Before, during the setup appointment, maybe I was just overwhelmed, or tired, or thought I knew it all. But getting reminders about the cool things I can do with this service actually makes me appreciate it more than I did before.

So, next on my list: where to get some good pizza!

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