8 Maids a-Milking, 7 Marketing Efforts a-Marketing

With the holidays just days away, every email in my inbox and website in my browser has donned its ugly sweater and draped itself in tinsel. As always, I’m eager to get into the spirit too. Here are a few pieces of seasonal marketing I thought were particularly worthy of the Nice list.

Subject Line: The best gifts arrive on time. Check deadlines for the US.

Check out this simple, funny and super-convenient email from RedBubble (an online retailer for artists to sell their own work on various products like cell phone cases, pillows, prints and tons more). The subject line tells you exactly what you’ll get, and then the email actually gives you links for products that will have the turnaround time you’re looking for. A great example of a retailer thinking of ways to make the customer experience a little easier, and putting it right there in the promotion. Save your sighs indeed.


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