8 Maids a-Milking, 7 Marketing Efforts a-Marketing

With the holidays just days away, every email in my inbox and website in my browser has donned its ugly sweater and draped itself in tinsel. As always, I’m eager to get into the spirit too. Here are a few pieces of seasonal marketing I thought were particularly worthy of the Nice list.

Subject Line: A coupon and a weird greeting card

I’m actually obsessed with Yelp Eat24 I think, and not just because they send me $2 off coupons every week knowing I want to gorge myself on Indian takeout. Their emails are so ridiculous and funny, I legitimately look forward to them, which I can’t say about many other brands. The subject line does tell you what you’re in for, and it doesn’t lie. This is certainly the weirdest greeting card I’ve gotten this season, full of memes and utter chaos. And there’s a poem. And a hilarious footnote. I don’t know, I love these people. Their open rates must be insane.


Last but not least, I’ve got a fun campaign that isn’t actually an email! This is actually an acquisition effort from content marketers Uberflip, our whole department was in love with the concept. You just enter your email to sign up, then each day of the “advent calendar” you get to “unwrap” a free gift like sticky note packages, e-books, video guides and more. It’s a great idea to bring in emails and push valuable content marketing. Also, the name rhymes. So I’m a fan.


Hope you all enjoyed this little collection of seasonal smarts, and maybe even got a little inspiration from it! Don’t party too hard this week, but, you know … party enough. Please have a safe and happy holiday, whichever it is that you celebrate, and an excellent new year.

See you all in 2017!

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