Fan Funded: The Most Exciting Thing in Marketing Today

There’s a type of marketing being done today that is changing the way companies are built, and not nearly enough people are talking about it.

One of Kickstarter's first big hits: Cards Against Humanity.
One of Kickstarter’s first big hits: Cards Against Humanity.

Games were an early winner on Kickstarter. Back in 2012, “a party game for horrible people” called Cards Against Humanity launched with 758 backers and $15,570 in presales. Since then the game has taken off.

But how loyal have those backers remained?

This Black Friday, Cards Against Humanity put boxes of “nothing” on sale as a sort of protest against mindless consumerism. The “nothing” was not a euphemism, they were literally selling boxes of nothing.

Cards Against Humanity sold $54,000 of nothing on Black Friday 2015.

But hey, that’s only $54,000 worth of nothing. What if they sold crap? I mean, actual crap. Bullshit, in fact.

Cards Against Humanity's "Bullshit" from Black Friday 2014.
Cards Against Humanity’s “Bullshit” from Black Friday 2014.

Last year, Cards Against Humanity got its raving fans to buy 30,000 boxes of actual bullshit at $6 a box.

Really. Here’s an unboxing video if you don’t believe me (I’m not embedding that here, and I don’t recommend you watch it. You’ve been warned.)

If you don’t see the marketing power in a new strategy that can found companies marketing-first, drive you millions of dollars in guaranteed presales, and give you the ungodly ability to make $50K selling absolutely nothing (or even more selling bullshit!), I can’t help you.

It’s a whole new world, and as marketers, you literally have all the tools you need to take power.

Author: Thorin McGee

Thorin McGee is editor-in-chief and content director of Target Marketing and oversees editorial direction and product development for the magazine, website and other channels.

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