How Optimum Healthcare IT Is Building a Tech Stack on a Budget

No matter the size of their company, every marketer charged with building out a technology stack is inevitably limited by their allocated tech budget. No one can buy all the new shiny tools all at one time, so marketers need to make savvy tech choices – the right technology at the right time and right price.

Over the past couple of years, Larry Kaiser, VP of Marketing for Optimum Healthcare IT, has put together a martech stack using a budget-conscious approach to serve his company’s marketing efforts. Kaiser and his team created a website that could act as the focal point of Optimum’s content marketing strategy, acting as the engine for serving up content that demonstrates thought leadership in the market and attracts and converts leads.

Below Kaiser talks about the starting point for his martech strategy and aspirations for evolving his toolset in the future.

Larry Kaiser, VP of Marketing, Optimum Healthcare IT

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What have been some of the mission-critical objectives that have guided your technology strategy?

It comes down to the vision that you have put in place and the steps that will get you there. When I started at Optimum Healthcare IT, we had a very old website built on an out-of-date platform. Our online presence was not built for content or to market our organization. Optimum is a healthcare IT services firm and the best way to promote your services, your knowledge, and your people is through thought leadership. We needed to build a website that would support a blog, gated content, etc. This was our first step towards the vision that I was laying out. From there, almost everything we do begins with our website and how we deliver our content.

Can you give examples of some technology upgrades you’ve made that you think have been smart moves?

Going back to our website, originally it was built on an extremely outdated version of Drupal. The smartest move we made was moving to WordPress. I did not have the budget to go out and hire a professional firm to build the website, so it was a DIY project. My very skilled creative director designed it, and we had to find someone to build it. We ended up utilizing a designer based in Croatia that came recommended from a close contact of mine. He built our site with a custom theme, which in hindsight, was not the best move as it caused issues as we grew.  But we came through it and now have a fantastic public facing website.

How do you anticipate your tech stack evolving as your company grows and marketing team advances?

As Optimum continues to grow, I see our tech stack moving to more advanced applications with additional functionality. We currently do not utilize a true CRM, and I would love for us to move to one. I was really impressed with a customer data platform vendor about a year ago, and I would love to incorporate that technology. Moving from Mailchimp to a more advanced marketing automation system would also be high on my list. To justify these costs, my team and I continue to build and deliver content and work hard to increase the consumption of our content. As we continue to show the value that is gained from what we are delivering, I hope that we can build a more advanced tech stack.

Author: Denis Wilson

Denis Wilson was previously content director for Target Marketing, Publishing Executive, and Book Business, as well as the FUSE Media and BRAND United summits. In this role, he analyzed and reported on the fundamental changes affecting the media and marketing industries and aimed to serve content-driven businesses with practical and strategic insight. As a writer, Denis’ work has been published by Fast Company, Rolling Stone, Fortune, and The New York Times.

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