How to Future-Proof Your Marketing

I went to quite a few conferences this year and listened to a lot of speakers talk about the future. But one of the most interesting sessions I caught was how HubSpot was actually working to “future-proof” its marketing.

Future Proof Your Marketing

HubSpot allocates personnel to be working on and ready for those inflection points. These teams were able to pinpoint a few things HubSpot should be experimenting with now to be ready for the next horizon.

4 Experiments in Emerging Channels

These thought experiments lead to four content experiments:

  1. Offsite publishing directly to Medium and Facebook: In doing this, HubSpot is willing to let the content exist on those platforms — forgoing traffic back to is own site — in order to develop native audiences on these sites.
  2. Podcasting: Podcasts are a perfect medium for the post-text, IOT-enabled Web. Like with offsite publishing, the goal is to capture audiences where the will be when text search is less important.
  3. Video: Video engagement is up, and video gets better treatment on platforms like Facebook — where, again, it plays right on the platform. HubSpot is also experimenting with live video and putting video into its emails to increase engagement.
  4. Messaging: HubSpot has begun experimenting with using Facebook Messenger to deliver pdfs leads requested, and to communicate during events. Events messages had over a 90 percent open rate and a much higher book-rate than emails.

All of these experiments were somewhat out-there for HubSpot. The analytics are not yet ready in most of these channels, so it’s hard to prove ROI today. But Anderson said that was no different from how HubSpot first got into social: At the time, the metrics weren’t there to support it; but over time the metrics caught up and proved they were right to be in those channels.

In fact, Anderson said that if they had waited for the metrics to catch up before going into these channels, that would be too late. It takes a leap of faith to have the presence you need to be effective when the channes have matured.

Future-Proof Yourself

Not many organizations have the resources of a HubSpot, but every organization deals with these same “future-proofing” issues. If you’re not looking down the road and allocating at least some resources to prepare for the coming situations, you’re going to see your business processes become obsolete.

So how can you start looking at your own horizons and be ready for the next inflection point?

Author: Thorin McGee

Thorin McGee is editor-in-chief and content director of Target Marketing and oversees editorial direction and product development for the magazine, website and other channels.

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