The Importance of Brand Voice

Brands are strong and memorable when they have a distinctive, consistent, relevant brand voice. The cultivation, management and protection of that voice requires a deep understanding of what the brand stands for and what it does not.

It appears that this daily email is a “me-too” effort to capture the audience of upstart competitors in the space like theSkimm that have built a huge audience by authentically using their own voice to meet a market need for daily news recaps by email. There is room in most marketplaces for different approaches, and there is definitely the opportunity for brands to evolve over time.

theSkimm e-newsletterBut the caustic, irreverent tone that works so well for theSkimm works because it is who they have always been. You can almost hear CNN executives sitting around a conference table talking about how they have to get millennials back to their news brand as they anxiously look at what theSkimm is doing and declaring that they can do that too.

You can CNN, but should you?

Author: Robin Neifield

With over 20 years of online experience Robin Neifield serves as the CEO of Netplus, a top interactive agency, and as the trusted digital guide for CMOs. She has been widely published and quoted on digital strategy and has been a frequent speaker and panelist at industry events like Search Engine Strategies, OMMA, Ad:Tech and others where her insights are sought on varied marketing topics such as digital strategy, behavioral targeting, social media marketing, search engine and conversion optimization, localization strategies and proximity marketing, mobile gaming and email marketing. You can find her on LinkedIn, or reach her by email or phone, (610) 304-9990.


2 thoughts on “The Importance of Brand Voice”

  1. @Robin Great article. Consistency builds trust. Inconsistency breeds confusion and distrust. With the proliferation of media and social media channels, consistency of voice, and message, is critical if you aspire to build and maintain a trusted brand.

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