American Modern Insurance Builds a Customer Experience

How Tammy Nelson, CMO of American Modern Insurance Group, is building a great customer experience for the insurance industry.

Building a great customer experience (CX) goes beyond streamlining the website or mapping the customer journey. It’s about consciously shaping how they experience your company. Not long ago, I had the chance to talk with Tammy Nelson, CMO of American Modern Insurance Group, about how the specialty insurance company builds a great customer experience in the insurance industry.

Tammy Nelson, CMO, American Modern Insurance Group
Tammy Nelson, CMO, American Modern Insurance Group

You can watch the whole interview as a webinar here, but here are a couple of the things I learned during the conversation:

  1. “Customers expect their interaction with you to be as good as their last great customer experience” (Nelson’s words). That is regardless of industry. So even though American Modern is an insurance company, their customer experience has to be as good as the last great experience their customers’ had. That could well be a company like Amazon or Zappos.
  2. Customer service does not equal customer experience as we know it today. It goes beyond that to their entire experience with your company and brand.
  3. Good experiences are table stakes, truly game-changing services are differentiators. To expand on that, Nelson says tools like chat, which American Modern has used with great success for customer service, are expected. Even though it may greatly improve the customer experience, that’s not a differentiator. Differentiators are the big game-changing ideas, like the Uber app.
  4. To break through the noise, become part of the customer’s experience. American Modern underwrites collector car insurance, and they made a connection with that audience by rebuilding a classic car and showing each step of the process on Facebook. Nelson says seeing the American Modern employees sharing their passion really created a great connection with that audience. Another segment they insure are custom residential insurance, and they did a house build to connect with that audience in a similar way.
The American Modern Insurance Group's "portfolio approach" to the customer experience.
The American Modern Insurance Group’s “portfolio approach” to the customer experience.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Nelson went into detail on how they use a portfolio approach to the customer experience (in the image at right), the builds, differentiators and more. I encourage you to check out the full interview to hear all of that and more!

Author: Thorin McGee

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