6 thoughts on “Lead Qualification: The Secret Sauce of B-to-B Lead Generation Marketing”

  1. While I agree with the concept that a rep’s time wasted is time not selling, but if you look at the average rep’s use of his or her time, there is more wasteful time being spent surfing the web, BS by the watercooler, smoke breaks, complaining about leads, etc, than there is having them call an unqualified lead. In a perfect environment, yes, only send them qualified leads. But, unless your stock of qualified leads is more than your seats can handle, then you have to send them unqualified leads.

    At least the time spent calling unqualified leads has a chance of being successful where smoke breaks stand 0% chance.

  2. Lead qualification is also why it’s important to have marketing staff your trade show booth — and not just sales reps.

  3. Ruth, Thanks for the thoughtful article. Scoring is a good place to start, but often the very act of conversation gives a good feel for things. Nevertheless, sometimes it takes many conversations before a lead is ready to close. We like to make sure there are multiple lead sources going to multiple TSR’s feeding to multiple field reps. By cross qualifying, we can generate an almost real time feel for too much or too little qualification.

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  5. Topic is attractive (Lead Qualification: The Secret Sauce of B-to-B Lead Generation Marketing). I am not fully agreed with all the points which are listed above but few of them looks result oriented.

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