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Updating your LinkedIn profile without looking like you’re launching a job search is tricky. Colleagues, bosses and other connections often react to a profile update as, “Oh, she must be looking for a new job.” But when you take the right precautionary steps, it becomes much easier to take a proactive approach to your career. Today, we’re going to discuss just how to do this.

How to update your LinkedIn profile without looking like you’re launching a job search is somewhat tricky. Most often colleagues, bosses and other connections react to a profile update as, “Oh, did you see Mary’s new LinkedIn profile? She must be looking for a new job.”

Well, when you take the precautionary steps to limit or suppress announcements to changes, and frame your experience as a dedicated and loyal employee, it becomes much easier to take a proactive approach to your career. Today we’re going to discuss just how to do this.

Settings to be a Stealth Job Seeker on LinkedIn

LinkedIn recently gave their settings area a facelift so things are easier to find. I would suggest taking some time to familiarize yourself with all the settings so you know exactly what is being broadcast and how to get the most out of the platform.

The most important setting before making any changes to your profile is “Sharing Profile Edits.” You want to make sure this is switched to “No.” You can also do this right from your edit profile screen by clicking “No” in the “Notify Your Network?” box (found on the right-hand sidebar).

LinkedIn Sharing Profile EditsLinkedIn Notify Your NetworkNext you want to change “Who Can See Your Connections” to only you. This is so people aren’t notified of when you’re making new connections, especially helpful if you are connecting with a potential employer.

LinkedIn Who Can See Your ConnectionsThe last setting to change is “Profile View Options.” You probably want this to be in “Private Mode” or “Private Profile” characteristics, so when you’re researching potential employers on LinkedIn and viewing profiles, no one knows who you are. Beware of this setting, though, if you have the free version of LinkedIn. Being anonymous will erase your viewer history, and you also won’t be able to see who viewed you.

LinkedIn Profile Viewing OptionsHow to Write a Headline and Summary That Grabs Attention
(But Not Too Much Attention)

When you’re in stealth job seeking mode, you will have two audiences for your LinkedIn profile — your primary and secondary.

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