In My Mailbox & Yours | An Artful Invite to a Special Evening

It’s my favorite mail piece this year — and it didn’t even include a check.

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Credit: Chet Dalzell

It’s my favorite mail piece this year — and it didn’t even include a check.

But it did include an invitation for payment. You may have received it, too.

Late next week (Nov. 16), 300-plus marketers will gather in New York for the 2017 Annual Gala Evening, the presentation of the 33rd Annual Silver Apples Awards. There, we pay homage to marketing leaders who have given 25 years (at least) of distinguished service to our field.

[This year’s Silver Apple honorees are Fran Green, ALC; John Princiotta, PCH; Eva Reda, American Express; Randall Rothenberg, IAB; Jay Schwedelson, Worldata; Rita Shankewitz, Bottom Line, Inc.; Corporate Honoree BMI Global OMS; and special Golden Apple Honoree Stu Boysen, Direct Marketing Club of New York (DMCNY).]

It is a fete. It is New York’s data, digital and direct marketing’s annual night out. You even see a national audience there.

But what I want to talk about is the marketing effort for the event this year. Each honoree is remarkable in his or her own way, which is why I really appreciated this year’s marketing campaign executed by DMCNY volunteers and partners.

Since on or about Labor Day, I — and a few thousand others like me — received a customary “Save the Date” email and the news announcement of the winners, first announced collectively. [Disclosure: I prepped the news release.]

But this year, we were introduced individually to each of the honorees, in a short email every 10 or so days, which gave a little bit of biographical color — personal and professional — on each honoree. The single honoree-focused digital effort culminated in a colorful direct mail invitation with a reply card and envelope, and a protected film envelope, which had each photo of the honorees in a frame. The backside of each framed photo included their career highlights.

The art is outstanding — somewhat reminiscent of Pollock or Calder — which I can appreciate as we celebrate somewhere between MOMA and the Whitney (Edison Ballroom, to be exact).

I often think about when is the right moment for print, a moment for mail, amid our increasingly social-digital-mobile lives. Physically receiving, opening and touching an invite still feels special to me, and I do think it elevates the “weight” of the honor we will be celebrating, and the important contributions these professionals make. While the gala itself will serve as the climax, I did find the mail moment here to be an exciting precursor — and well-timed, following the wave of individual honoree-focused emails, and just ahead of the last-minute digital reminders and follow-ups. Not every creative element was new in concept, but they were certainly fresh in concert.

Well done, DMCNY. As a past honoree, I am blessed to be able to say “thank you.” As I think about the upcoming week, I can say we’ve raised the curtain to this year’s honorees with elán and spirit — one I’m hopeful carries through the experience of the event.

See you next Thursday in New York.

[Credits for the DMCNY Silver Apples marketing effort go to several folks, including: Invitation & Program Cover Design: Robert Snow of Robert Snow Marketing Communications; Invitation Printing and Mailing & Program Book Printing: McVicker & Higginbotham; Program Booklet Design: Cheryl Biswurm, Turner Direct LLC; Email Design and Execution: Briana Kovar and Carolyn Lagermasini, Association & Conference Group; as well as an entire Silver Apples Planning Committeeso you’ll need to be there presently to give them all kudos.]

Author: Chet Dalzell

Marketing Sustainably: A blog posting questions, opportunities, concerns and observations on sustainability in marketing. Chet Dalzell has 25 years of public relations management and expertise in service to leading brands in consumer, donor, patient and business-to-business markets, and in the field of integrated marketing. He serves on the ANA International ECHO Awards Board of Governors, as an adviser to the Direct Marketing Club of New York, and is senior director, communications and industry relations, with the Digital Advertising Alliance. Chet loves UConn Basketball (men's and women's) and Nebraska Football (that's just men, at this point), too! 

2 thoughts on “In My Mailbox & Yours | An Artful Invite to a Special Evening”

  1. This is a special event that I look forward to every year. It’s a great place to network with high-powered people. I’ll be there! Hope you all will too!

  2. Yes, Chet, you are right to praise the Silver Apple Gala marketing campaign this year. I especially appreciated the introductory emails, where I got to “know” each honoree in advance of the event. It’s the nation’s best event for direct marketers and deserves great marketing behind it!

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