A-Plus: Marketing Students Try Their Hand at Technology

It’s nearly graduation time with a new legion of graduates about to enter the marketplace. In my previous post, I noted how many are seeking careers in data, and we’re glad to have them in the marketing field. We need them by the thousands.

It’s nearly graduation time with a new legion of graduates about to enter the marketplace. In my previous post, I noted how many are seeking careers in data, and we’re glad to have them in the marketing field. We need them by the thousands.

One prerequisite to a career in marketing (or just about anywhere) is having a demonstrated comfort level in technology. Universities are spending a mint designing and delivering digital labs in their technology builds—but in the world of advertising and marketing, there’s not much measured in ad tech investments that I can find. Providing students with rewarding internships is one great way to give prospective marketing practitioners invaluable exposure to tech, working alongside professionals using these tools.

Some universities also have student-run ad agencies, providing real work for real clients. Perhaps the next opportunity is to arm these students with campaign management platforms and other advertising technologies that reflect what’s really going on in the workplace today.

The University of Akron is doing just that, in its Taylor Institute of Direct Marketing. Three years back, during a Direct Marketing Association Conference, Professor William Baker initiated a conversation with Michael Hall, vice president of business development, V12 Group. “Michael was intrigued from the start,” Professor Baker told me. “He explained V12 Group’s Launchpad Marketing Cloud and we began to brainstorm ways that we could employ it in an educational setting. [We were looking for] Data, data and data, as well as the ability to apply the key concepts associated with Direct Interactive Marketing. As Confucius said, ‘I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.’ Our goal was to find a way that we could enable our students to turn key a database digital interactive campaign as a part of their educational experience.”

Students are using V12’s LaunchPad to devise and execute targeted campaigns for student agency clients, he explained. “The attraction to V12 Group is student’s ability to learn it quickly and marry data to the launching of email, display advertising, social media and print from one desktop system,” Professor Baker said.

To date, “Approximately 200 students have gone through [the tech] training,” said Vanja Djuric, University of Akron’s Director of Analytics. “I would estimate that in the future we should have anywhere between 200-300 students per semester—depending on the projects and class enrollment.” In few instances, the clients—often local businesses and organizations in the Akron area—have their own customer data, in which the technology acts as a customer relationship management tool, Djuric said. Most often, V12 Group-sourced data is used to identify, select and contact intended targets.

What matters most, of course, is the impact such tech use has on students. “I definitely think that using a professional tool … has enriched my education,” said Sarah Wright, who recently was graduated with an Integrated Marketing Communications degree, and is currently a Business Analytics MBA Candidate. “Having knowledge of and experience with a standard automated marketing tool sets me apart from the rest of the pool of candidates. Before, I could understand the theory behind automated marketing campaigns, but learning how to create and launch the campaign has given me the full picture. It is the type of practical, real world experience that companies are looking for in marketing candidates in today’s business world where companies compete on the quality of their data and their skills in leveraging that data.”

Students crave these real-world experiences. And we’re all better off in our marketing organizations when it comes time to put these graduates to work. Anybody hiring?

Thank you to the University of Akron and V12 Group for offering one great example of an education-private sector partnership in our field.

Author: Chet Dalzell

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