Mastering Micro Moments: How to Win With a Connected Consumer

We’ve all seen the shocking statistics: consumers check their phones 150 times a day, etc. This reality has given rise to what Google dubbed “Micro Moments” — those little windows of time when a consumer is trying to get something done, and is most open to a brand message. The modern marketer must become a master of understanding and exploiting these little opportunities in order to advance their brand agenda.

Micro Moments Are Small, Be Efficient

Consumers’ lives are more time-compressed than ever, and therefore so is the marketer’s challenge. Fox Television announced the advent of the 6-second TV ad, matching the increasingly blinding pace of digital communications. So make sure you avoid the big wind-up and get right to it, or the mighty thumb will have swiped your message into oblivion. Geico has done a particularly nice job of creatively acknowledging the time urgency in this context.

Focus on the Job to Do

An issue I see over and over again in integrated marketing is the drive to craft every piece to do every job, from delivering brand messages, to articulating proof points to closing the sale. That’s just more than most vehicles can possibly hope to do, let alone a brief encounter in micro moments. Focus on that one critical thing you want to accomplish in that brief touch, and craft every element to furthering that goal at the expense of every other. Then step back and squint at the whole system of messages to make sure you’ve covered the necessary bases — but don’t try to get it all done at once.

Have Fun

A big part of the motivation for the little digital snacking moments we all engage in, while standing at a bus stop or sitting at a traffic light, is to pop a bit of fun into our day. In a world where everything competes with everything, your brand communications now need to be every bit as intrinsically entertaining and rewarding as a tweet from Ryan Reynolds or a Facebook post from crazy uncle Bill. Look for that smile, chuckle, sigh or tear that you can elicit with your work and deepen the relationship just a bit more.

The bar seems to be continuously rising on marketers: more complexity, proliferating technology, greater expectations, and now less time to get the job done. But by bringing the right thought process to how you make the most of those micro moments, you can still get it all done.

Now pardon me, I have to check my phone.

Author: Peter Horst

Marketing has never had a greater impact on the business, and at the same time it’s never been more complex and challenging. The CMO Viewwill dive into the wide-ranging issues faced by CMOs as they navigate digital transformation, connected consumers, disruptive competitors and the need to justify their marketing investment.

Peter Horst is a Fortune 500 CMO and innovation leader who has spent three decades driving growth across diverse industries, ranging from consumer packaged goods to telecom, cybersecurity to financial services.  His experience includes leadership roles at Hershey, where he was most recently CMO, Capital One, TD Ameritrade, and General Mills. Peter has been part of creating and building some of the world’s most iconic brands through breakthrough innovation and award-wining marketing campaigns.  Awards and recognition include Cannes Lion, CMO Club Marketing Innovator Award, being named a Forbes Top 50 Most Influential Global CMO, and #22 of the top 500 global CMOs by Execrank.  Peter now speaks, writes and consults on marketing, innovation and leadership, and is a frequent contributor to and other publications. Follow Peter at @peterhorst.

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