Never Drink and Change Your Password

It all started when I got a new phone. The AT&T rep assured me that all my data would be transferred to my new device by just “bumping” my old Galaxy against my new one. Yeah, right.

It all started when I got a new phone. The AT&T rep assured me that all my data would be transferred to my new device by just “bumping” my old Galaxy against my new one.

Yeah, right.

Two HOURS later, I left the store with my email and phone working properly, but I needed to find my password list in order to log into all my other apps. Fair enough.

With that accomplished, I was back to my daily rituals: Posting to Facebook and Instagram, playing Words with Friends, and posting and following on Twitter. My life seemed back to normal.

But last weekend, disaster struck.

I was at a wedding and the mother-of-the-groom suggested we Snapchat as the bride had created her own geofilter … a perfect way to create memories that celebrated her special day. Unfortunately, it seems I had not tried logging into Snapchat with my new device. And, since there was no way I could remember my password, I had to click on “reset.”

You would think I was trying to reset the password to my account in the Cayman Islands!

First, a series of photos appeared and asked me to click on those where “NO” vehicles appear. Ummm … you’d think that would be easy, but after a couple of glasses of champagne, it was not so much. I looked carefully at all the images and clicked as directed. It seems I was mistaken, as another set of images appeared and asked me to use different criteria to select the images. I tried again.

The next set of images and instructions felt like Snapchat was simply mocking me. I told the mother-of-the-groom to continue her socializing at another table and swing back to mine, as I desperately tried to pick the correct images that matched the criteria.

Third time is NOT the charm, as I snorted with disgust at a new set of visual requirements.

To be honest, the rest of the process is a bit of a blur as my husband took the device out of my hand and said he’d do it … but first he had to find his cheaters to see the screen clearly.

A few more minutes pass and he’s still not able to pass the verification tests, but eventually we were able to get to a reset screen. Whew! I choose a password and the first answer I get from Snapchat is “Sorry, you can’t use a password that you’ve used before.”

So now I am wracking my brain to think of a password that:

  • Seems logical to me,
  • I haven’t used before and
  • I’ll remember the next morning.

I finally make my selection, log into my account, call over the mother-of-the-bride, find the geofilter and post our picture. But the nightmare is far from over …

You guessed it. The next day, when I try to log into my Snapchat account, I can’t remember the password … and my journey to recovery starts all over again. Call me crazy, but does the system to recover your password need to be so complex — especially on a harmless app like Snapchat? Should I be fearful that someone is going to hack in and send embarrassing pictures of themselves under my name to my kids?

I understand the need for user name and password security. And I understand these apps are trying to ensure it’s not a bot hacking the system, but there has got to be a better way. Maybe the Russians have a solution … Just sayin’!

Author: Carolyn Goodman

A blog that challenges B-to-B marketers to learn, share, question, and focus on getting it right—the first time. Carolyn Goodman is President/Creative Director of Goodman Marketing Partners. An award-winning creative director, writer and in-demand speaker, Carolyn has spent her 30-year career helping both B-to-B and B-to-C clients cut through business challenges in order to deliver strategically sound, creatively brilliant marketing solutions that deliver on program objectives. To keep her mind sharp, Carolyn can be found most evenings in the boxing ring, practicing various combinations. You can find her at the Goodman Marketing website, on LinkedIn, or on Twitter @CarolynGoodman.

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  1. Welcome to the not very exclusive club. But take comfort in the fact that it happens to all of us. Except the techies.

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