Powerful Lessons From a Passive Job Seeker

Do you ever wonder how some people just seem to attract all the “plum” opportunities? Well today, I am going to pull back the curtain on just how these people attract the right opportunities.

Another way is to reach out to executive recruiters. You have to build a relationship with a recruiter so they understand who you are and what your brand is so they can really do a good pitch for an executive position.

You know your reputation will always precede you no matter what. And that’s tied to your own brand, what you say, and whatever you post on your profile.

Robin: How important is social media to your search? Do you look at candidates’ profiles before you speak to them?

Schnuer: I think it is really important. The recruiter for this job found me on LinkedIn. And on that platform it is obvious to stay professional. Facebook is what you have to be concerned about though because it can hurt you professionally. You need to lock down your security on it.

There have been times that after I interview someone, I look at social sites and see what is out there about them. You learn a lot about people that way. And that’s why securing your own personal information is really important.

Robin: What would you say is the best advice you’ve ever gotten about career management?

Schnuer: Probably pay attention to the follow up. I always write a thank you e-mail to everyone I met during the interview. This can sometimes be tough if you met with 5 different people in one day, but it’s very much worth it.

In fact, recently I was interviewing someone for a position and I received a thank you e-mail about three hours later. I was in shock because more times than not, you never get anything, so it definitely makes a difference. Someone won’t hire you because of the thank you letter, but for me it shows that someone really cares enough to take a little more time.

It’s kind of like marketing, right? It has to do with repetition. If you hit someone with the same message a few times, it’s better than just the one time. And, I succinctly remembered, yeah, this is exactly we talked about and it was great.

Robin: What do you think most people miss when it comes to proactively managing their career?

Schnuer: People need to think about what they want to do. When the recruiter approached me for this job, it interested me because it was similar to a past job I had and wasn’t exactly what I was doing currently.

You don’t want to get pigeonholed in doing the same thing over and over and over. I’ve seen it turn out really bad for some people. They do the same thing for 20 years at the same company and suddenly they are laid off and can’t find a position exactly like they had.

Personally, I could do a variety of things and it’s definitely helped me with my career. I started out in direct mail and chose to move into the digital world. Peers of mine who did not are having a tough time.

But that’s the key I think. People should experience or learn about adjacent roles, like operations or sales, even if you just want marketing. When you experience different things, you can apply them to your current job or new jobs. And, you might like something better than you ever thought you would.

Robin: So what is next for your career and your organization?

Schnuer: My career, only time will tell. I plan on being at TSI for a while. We are growing with new products, new clients, and expanding the team. We’re adding people to the marketing team and launching new marketing initiatives. If people want to learn more they can search all our open positions.

Author: Michelle Robin

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