Pumpkins Attack My Inbox 2: The Revenge

It’s that time of year again! Last year around this time I wrote a post about some of the best pumpkin-themed emails that were pouring into my inbox. So I thought, “Everyone loves pumpkin, and everyone loves sequels!” And with that amazing segue out of the way … here are some creative uses of everyone’s favorite fall flavor.

Subject Line: Today’s Password: Pumpkin!

bath and body

You know Bath & Bodyworks had to get in on the action. Though I might say it wouldn’t kill them to cut back on the number of times per week they email, BBW has their design down. Warm, cozy fall palette and appealing pumpkin scents are a winning combo.

Subject Line: We’re Carving Our Craft Pumpkins Prices in HALF


AGAIN with the winning pumpkin puns! (Pun….kins?) Aside from that subject line, there are a few things I like about this Michael’s email. That’s definitely an attractive deal, for one thing. It also offers a section full of ideas for the pumpkins after you purchase them, and links to DIY instructions. Another good use of content. And though it was on the taller side and required a lot of scrolling, the design itself is simple and copy-light enough that it didn’t need to hold your attention long.

Subject Line: 25% OFF, Pumpkins!


Awww, they called me Pumpkin, I’m blushing! But really, look how colorful and sweet this email is. And that really is a catchy subject line.

Subject Line: It’s The Great Pumpkin Hunt, LivingSocial Friends


Saved my fave for last! I love everything about this Living Social promo. The Peanuts-themed subject line, the appearing pumpkins animation and, of course, the concept of the “pumpkin hunt” itself. Find pumpkins hidden on their site, get a special deal! What a great way to drive traffic to multiple sections of your site and encourages purchases all in one pumpkin-flavored shot. Love it.

That wraps up my pumpkin-themed inbox dive for today. I only noticed at the end that the actual “pumpkin-spiced” flavor wasn’t heavily featured this year! Whether the trend is winding down or the marketing of it has just gotten less creative, I’ll leave for you to debate.

Happy fall, pumpkinistas!

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