2 thoughts on “Sales Follow Up: Persistent or Parasite?”

  1. Typically, I give companies my spam collector email address to gain access to white papers and samples. It allows me to download the whitepaper/sample, and avoid the salesdrone. I also give a fake phone contact number (e.g., 555-1212). If I am interested in the product or service, only then will I give my contact number. I never answer calls from unfamiliar phone numbers anyway, so the salesdrone must leave a voicemail message, which I decide whether to return or nor (blocked phone numbers get ignored entirely).

  2. Carolyn … great article! I feel exactly the same way. I wish there was a way I could say "just browsing" like I would in a face-to-face interaction at a store. Perhaps it is the nature online conversations that allows people to act in a way that would be considered rude in person. I agree with your suggestion that Direct Mail is less intrusive. @CandiceMRussell

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