Brooklinen’s Email Marketing Relies on Transparency and Triggered Sends

When Brooklinen launched in 2014, the DTC bedding and home essentials brand had a pretty scrappy email strategy: Co-founders Rich and Vicki Fulop crafted and sent emails themselves in hopes of gaining new customers. Fast-forward six years, and the Brooklyn-based company has a full-fledged team that leverages AI algorithms and triggered, targeted sends.

Designing Your Direct Mail

You’ve created a dynamic offer and identified your mailing list. Now it’s time to design a head-turning mailpiece. With so many printing options, selecting the right ones may seem overwhelming. Download Tension’s white paper, “Direct Mail Basics: Choosing Your Format” to learn more about the most frequently used formats, the advantages of the “solo” envelope and different self-mailers.

Killer Content Marketing From Top of Funnel to Conversion

Content marketing requires a bit of a balance these days. On the one hand, we are all inundated with content, not all of it terribly useful, so we have to be sure what we publish is of the highest quality. And the competitive landscape is beyond crowded, so the temptation to publish content on a … Continue reading “Killer Content Marketing From Top of Funnel to Conversion”

Adweek Acquires Target Marketing

Adweek has acquired three market-leading properties expanding its reach into the performance marketing space. Included in the acquisition from NAPCO Media are Target Marketing and Publishing Executive as well as FUSE Media, a publishing technology summit.

Attend the Virtual BRAND United University!

We know that it’s difficult to find time for professional development, so we designed a one-day virtual program – BRAND United University – to provide brand marketers, agencies, and designers with insights into the latest print marketing and packaging design techniques. Here’s a closer look at what we’ll cover.

How Is Your Direct Mail Data?

Your data is the backbone of your direct mail. You not only need correct mail addresses, but you also need to know purchase history, demographics, and anything else that will help you target your customers with offers they want.

“Read Before Deleting” – Are Political Campaign Emails Working?

As a data-driven marketer from the Before Internet age, I’m witnessing all the now tired old tricks being employed by political marketers. Like all marketers, they need to get their prospect’s attention, and they are using bait we’ve employed since forever. But am I the only one to wonder if this is money well spent?