Starbucks’ Cups Enrage People, AGAIN

Some days I seriously wonder how humanity got this far in the world. I call those my cranky days, and yes, the past week has been full of them as people unload socially on the new Starbucks cups.

Some days I seriously wonder how humanity got this far in the world. I call those my cranky days, and yes, the past week has been full of them as people unload socially on the new Starbucks “Unity” cups.

Let’s look at the cup in question:

Okay, so that’s a nice message, and the design is pretty neat. Plus I really like green.

However, others feel VERY DIFFERENTLY about these cups. Let’s take a look at some tweets:

Fine … nothing really wrong with preferring last year’s design (though she might be in the minority, based on the hullabaloo from 2015 over the red cups).

I’m half-hoping he’s being sarcastic …

The following tweet was deleted, but not before CBS News included it in its article about the uproar over the new cups:

Seriously? These cups are giving you anxiety? Try scaling a wall of looming deadlines while planning a business trip to Lisbon (more on that below).

Ummm … political? Say what?

But everyone can chill out, because on Nov. 4, Starbucks announced the red holiday cups would return on Nov. 10, and better yet:

… Customers who buy one holiday beverage and can get another one free* to share at participating Starbucks stores in the U.S. and Canada November 10-14 from 2-5 p.m.

There? Happy yet?

Look, here’s the deal: The 2015 freakouts over the red cups and now the outrage over the green “unity” cups from Starbucks is a reminder that humans are fickle, when they don’t like something many of them will voice their distaste, and social media helps magnify this 1,000-fold.

And I know not everyone feels the way as the folks who tweeted above do … but still. There’s a lesson to be learned here for marketers. I’m not saying you can’t make changes … just be prepared.

Melissa Ward Web Summit 2016Oh hey, so I mentioned Lisbon? Well that’s because I was invited to be a speaker for the 2016 Web Summit!

I’m super excited about the experience to moderate a session on video with Suchit Dash of Dubsmash and Michael Litt of Vidyard, host a fireside chat with Youtube star Meredith Foster, attend numerous speaker dinners, help judge the PITCH startup competition, and attend countless sessions from some of the smartest people on the planet.

Envious yet?

You can follow me on Twitter as @Sass_Marketing, as well as on Instagram as Sass_Marketing to keep an eye on all that Lisbon has to offer — I’ll be back stateside Nov. 14, but will be taking that week off from the blog. You know, jet lag and all that, but I’ll be back and posting Nov. 22.

Until then, thcau!


Author: Melissa Ward

Melissa Ward is the managing editor for Target Marketing, and she has opinions! More importantly, she's a nerd for great copy and design, a disciple of authenticity, and really loves it when marketers get it right.

4 thoughts on “Starbucks’ Cups Enrage People, AGAIN”

  1. Yes, Melissa, social media amplifies and magnifies things a bit too much, often things which don’t merit the attention. Worse, in this political season nearly everything is viewed thru partisan prisms. When Pat Buchanan declared cultural war in American in his 1992 RNC speech, I doubt even he expected ongoing skirmishes this many years later. It’s sapping a whole lotta joy out of our lives.

  2. There is something seriously wrong with people who get this agitated about the color and design of a seasonal coffee cup; and it is way past time for this annual stupidity to end. Let these fools complain among themselves, and let’s stop giving this stupid, non-existent “War on Christmas” the attention it so richly does not deserve.

    1. I 100% agree … especially when there are WAY more major things to spend our energy on in this world…thanks for commenting!!!

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