Subjects, Subjects, Who’s Got the Subjects …

I’m going to let you in on a little secret — sometimes, I have absolutely no idea what to write about for this blog. In the interest of full disclosure, this is almost always the case. It’s Friday afternoon, I have a semi-blank page, and I can practically hear TM’s editor wondering where my entry is from his office on the other side of the building.

Usually, the light bulb goes off and I remember an interesting test result or think of a creative theme to write about. But once in a while, those “copywriting boogeymen” win, and I have no choice but to wave the white flag. But, I still have to fill my blog space with something. And that’s when I’m going to use other peoples’ creativity and compile it all together to look like my own. (And blabber about it for two paragraphs beforehand.)

And so, here is a rundown of my favorite subject lines to hit my inbox this past month! They are in no particular order.

  • There you are! We’ve been waiting for you.
  • Oh my!
  • Use code EM623 to get $50 off!
    (Author’s note: I just like the simplicity and directness of the offer.)
  • NoMo Waiting for the Perfect New York Hotel
    (Author’s note: I love a good pun.)
  • Carpe diem(s)…2-Day Sale on now!
  • Dad Has Enough Ties … Save 10% on Manly Blooms!
    —The Bouqs Company
  • Hey! It’s me — your $26.99 credit
  • Sign up ✔ Save ✔ Repeat ✔
  • What’s Lime Green and Ready to Party?
  • Get $25
    (Author’s note: Alright, you have my attention! Also — they usually use the from line “Your Friends @ Peapod,” which I like.)
  • Don’t open this email if you don’t like lists of awesome things
  • The DMA is taking over the Northeast
  • Up to an Extra 30% Off–There Go Your Excuses
  • Would like to see samples from [Company name]
    —Gold Ink Awards
  • [Watch Now] 50+ Email Marketing Hacks

And there you have it — a medium-sized handful of cleverness that might just inspire your own. I tried to sift for subjects that weren’t so specific they couldn’t offer any idea for other purposes. Coming up with subject lines can be almost as brutal as … well, as coming up with blog topics.

Hope this helps when you find your own light bulb going a little dim. Have a great week!

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