The Great Twitter Roundup: All About Direct Marketing 2017

All About Direct Marketing Virtual Conference and Expo was last week — let’s see what attendees had to say in the #AADM hashtag.

Hey there, I hope everyone’s enjoying their May so far. Here in Philadelphia, it’s definitely not always sunny at the moment, especially for this far into springtime. Luckily, nice weather was not a requirement for the All About Direct Marketing Virtual Conference and Expo last week, live on May the 4th of all days. (And yes, the Force was strong.) AADM is the baby of my BFFs here at Target Marketing.

The virtual conference featured sessions and speakers highlighting the hottest hot-button issues in direct marketing for 2017. While it was live last week, if you didn’t make it you can still catch the full show or check out just a few sessions on-demand until August 8. It’s all free — just submit your registration and you’re good to go.

But if you’re busy at the moment and just want a snapshot to tide you over, I did a quick scan of the #AADM17 hashtag to see what reactions and takeaways attendees had that day. Let’s take a look!


You might be able to tell just from a cursory glance, like I did, that one of the real talking points of the day was the closing keynote session: Here Are the Women: A way forward for the world’s largest emerging market, with speaker Julie Rezek, President, North America, of HackerAgency. There were definitely enlightening, important points made in this one, and timely to say the least.

But the full agenda was filled with interesting and diverse topics like tapping into emotion to fuel sales, color psychology in marketing, the recipe for viral videos, and emerging tech for interactive direct mail. The full agenda is here for your perusal.

Want to explore these sessions and more? Sign up here and you’ll have immediate access to the show, to enjoy at your leisure. If you do visit, don’t forget to spread the love on social like these fine folks did — #AADM17!

Catch you next time!