The Kitty Poop Conspiracy: PetSafe’s Hilarious Litter Box Campaign

My favorite marketing campaign as-of-late is for a product centered around cat doo-doo, but not a single shred of The Kitty Poop Conspiracy stinks.

If the viral success of the FurKids Animal Shelter commercial a few months ago is any indication, sometimes a good marketing campaign only needs two key ingredients: 1) cats and 2) the low budget aesthetic.

My favorite creative campaign I’ve seen as-of-late makes exemplary use of both traits, and this will be a pretty quick post but I had to give it a shout meow-out. It’s a product centered around, well … cat doo-doo, but there’s not a single shred of it that stinks.

PetSafe’s ScoopFree litter box is a mechanical, self-cleaning litter box that rakes your furry best friend’s droppings into a covered trap as soon as kitty leaves the box. As all cat owners know, this pretty much sounds like a dream come true. The appeal of a self-cleaning, odor-trapping litter box speaks for itself, right?

That being the case, PetSafe took their product messaging to the next level. They created to promote the litter box and all its incredible features, in the style of a late 1990s amateur-created conspiracy website, complete with neon type and terrible animations. Oh, and it’s from the cats’ POV.

siteThe concept: Humans are harvesting cat dung for profit using these high-tech machines. Cats around the globe demand to know the truth, and to keep their valuable droppings for themselves! The Catspiracy!

Check out the hilarious commercial here.

As a lover of both cats and great copy, I couldn’t possibly be more on board with this whole thing.

They’ve even got testimonials from the brilliant cat minds connecting the dots. Dr. Bottomsworth has a higher degree than I do, he must be a credible source.

testimonialsThe most impressive part of the whole thing is that, while hilarious and ridiculous, the promos still clearly depict why the ScoopFree is a great product. It absolutely made me want to buy one.

Definitely check out the site and videos if you’re looking for a Monday pick-me-up. And if you don’t hear from me again for a while, assume the shady powers that be got me for spreading the cat’s honest truth.