This One’s for the Moms: A Mother’s Day Swipe File

Yesterday was Mother’s Day, and as is usually the case with holidays and special events, my inbox didn’t let me forget it. While we’re all sufficiently brunched and flowered out, let’s take a look at six of the best Mother’s Day themed emails that I’ve come across in the last few weeks.

Yesterday was Mother’s Day, and as is usually the case with holidays and special events, my inbox didn’t let me forget it. (Not that I would have anyway … love you Mom!) While we’re all sufficiently brunched and flowered out, let’s take a look at six of the best Mother’s Day themed emails that I’ve come across in the last few weeks.

From: Broadway Boosters
Subj.: Happy Mother’s Day from Golde

Why I like it: Partly because of personal bias; Fiddler on the Roof just happens to be one of my favorite musicals of all time. But this email was a winner anyway. The nice little video from the musical’s matriarch was a sweet and clever way to tie in the holiday and promote the show. The design and personalization are keepers too.


From: LivingSocial
Subj.: Keep Calm and Shop for Mom

Why I like it: The whole “Keep calm and _______” meme is honestly a few years stale, but I give this one credit because it’s so catchy. Extra points for the simply pretty art and the creative sale itself.


From: TLCme
Subj.: Have You Bought Your Mother’s Day Gift Yet?

Why I like it: I love guilt-trippy reminder subject lines, they’re so to-the-point and effective. The clincher: “9 Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts Under $20” is sure to get those click rates high.


From: Charming Charlie
Subj.: The flowers your mom really wants!

Why I like it:  I love an email that judges other emails. As a matter of fact, I did receive no less than 20 emails from flower services in the days leading up to Mother’s Day, and you’ll notice none of them made this post. Most just felt a little uninspired, same old. Charming Charlie assumed this would be the case, and took the opportunity to one-up them in this tongue-in-cheek promo for floral necklaces. And hey, they’re right — my mom would like this more than flowers.


From: Hallmark
Subj.: Send Mom Some Love

Why I like it: Speaking of flowers, Hallmark made use of them in this cute, colorful, cartoon design. Of course Hallmark is in its element during sentimental holidays, so it’s no surprise they came through on their Mother’s Day campaigns. Definitely a smart time to offer a good deal for their eCards subscription service. I had to cut the image off, but the email also showed thumbnails of some of the Mother’s Day eCards you can find in their collection, a convenient way to show rather than tell readers why they should sign up.


From: Lush
Subj.: Everyone and their mother will love this

Why I like it: Okay first of all? That subject line, though. Cmoooooooooooon the puns are my weakness. Next — that present graphic is actually an animated gif, very nice touch. The copy is good, and the link to a curated Mother’s Day Collection is good. There’s not even a special deal involved here but they’ve got me clicking through anyway.



That wraps up my mini-swipe collection for today. I want to wish all the moms a truly fab belated Mother’s Day. If you got nothing else from this blog post, at least you now have a nice little collection of emails you can forward to any forgetful or procrastinating kids who might need an idea or a reminder of what they might owe you. You’re welcome!

Can You Feel the Love Tonight? (It’s in Your Inbox)

Happy Day After Valentine’s Day! Known in some circles as “Singles Awareness Day Part 2,” “50% Off Candy Day” and the “National Flag of Canada Day.”

Happy Day After Valentine’s Day! Known in some circles as “Singles Awareness Day Part 2,” “50% Off Candy Day” and the “National Flag of Canada Day.”

Whatever Feb. 15 means to you, one thing is certain: Even the staunchest V-Day nonbeliever on Earth would know what yesterday was just from a quick peek in any email inbox. It’s like every shade of pink and all iterations of “feel the love” and “we heart ______” were having a massive mixer in there.

To be honest, I’m into it. I like pink, I like hearts, and my cat is the only valentine I need to enjoy the holiday. So please, join me on this frolic through some of the standout Valentine’s-themed promos that shot their arrow through the heart of my inbox.

  • Bath & Body Works
  • Line: Ready for this? You’ve truly hit it big with an EXTRA $10 off!

bbworksThis was a fairly long HTML, I think you get the idea from this top section alone. The more classic Valentine’s Day imagery works for what B&B Works is all about, and those blossoms (sweet pea I think?) fit the theme while invoking some of the store’s most popular aromas. The subject line is good — it went outside the holiday language and straight up told you the deal you’d find within: Heart!

  • Apple
  • Subj. Line: Apple gifts say it best.

appl1On the other end of the spectrum, check out Apple’s simple, subtle nod to the season of romance. The message is simple: Nothing says romance like the cool, metallic touch of a rose gold iPhone. All kidding aside, the short copy with a focus on staying in touch and sharing puts just the right spin on things.

  • Hallmark Cards
  • Subj. Line: Valentine’s Day is just 5 days away. Don’t forget the people you love.


05-FEAT-A-8903vAThe cynics will tell you: Valentine’s Day was invented by Hallmark to sell cards. Whether or not you agree, it wouldn’t be right to do a Vday Marketing Roundup without them. And if this email is anything to go by, they rightfully earned their claim to the holiday. That subject line is just the right blend of “gentle reminder” and “subtle guilt-trip,” and the creative gets right to the point by reminding you when the big day is. The animation gives a nice glimpse of your options without being overbearing, and we have a bright, direct CTA. Hallmark can have my X’s and O’s for this one.

  • World Wildlife Fund
  • Subj. Line: Save a Rose, Send Some Prose

WWFCardsValentine’s Day isn’t just for retail! Check out how the WWF took the opportunity to create these adorable e-cards, available for you to send after making any size donation to the fund. Love this idea — after all, you could donate the same amount you’d spend on a card anyway, and have it go to a great cause. That’s my idea of spreading the love! Bonus points for the awesome subject line.

  • Justice
  • Subj. Line: We ❤ you! Join us this weekend!

justiceSo we’re back to retail, but still on animals. I just thought this design was so cute, absolutely eye-catching. It’s a little more of a unique spin than much of the Valentine’s Day imagery I’ve seen. I do have to admit, I’m not a huge fan of this font. It’s a fitting style, but not the most readable; I kept thinking it said “We’ve got the pun” (which I’d be all for, to be honest). Two paws up for the romantic pup, though.

  • Lush
  • Subj. Line: For that special Valentine…


I always like Lush’s emails. Here’s another company that tends to not slam you over the head with whatever the theme or message might be. The colors are muted, copy is short and punchy, and it was nearly impossible not to click “read article” about anything that claims to be “better than chocolate.”

  • Sally’s Beauty Supply
  • Subj. Line: Love Is In The Air: Take $5 Off $25

sallySo many beauty product companies in this post. Can’t say I blame them for using this approach though, it’s so easy to make the connection between beauty products and Valentine’s Day, both in concept and in design. I mean, look how nice it looks to have that arrangement of pink/red/purple products behind the heart. This design also went with the classic dotted-line as a border for the heart, which totally screams “elementary school valentine”, I love that. Plus: another example of an upfront subject line, what you read is what you get.

  • Zoya
  • Subj. Line: Valentine’s Day Bogo ❤

zoyaOK, I saved this one for last because I love it, I honestly love it. (Yes that was meant to be read in Olivia Newton John’s voice.) LOOK AT THIS DESIGN, JUST LOOK AT IT!!! It’s nail polish, but like, in a HEART-SHAPED POOL. I wish I had a technical explanation for what’s so great about this. I don’t, really, it’s just so aesthetically pleasing and strangely satisfying to me. Two Valentine’s Day colors, because it’s Buy-One-Get-One, AND they’re making a heart, because Valentine’s Day … who knew nail polish could be so nuanced? Also, it’s a good sale. If you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some nail polish to buy…

I hope you all had a great month, and a great Feb. 14, whatever the day represents for you! If you need to get any discount candy off your hands, you know where to find me.

XOXO 4ever,