Turn Drab Direct Mail Into Fab

Have you considered how to have some fun with your prospects and customers using direct mail? Consider trying out a scavenger hunt that’s launched with the direct mail piece — it can lead to a better ROI.

direct mail scavenger huntHave you considered how to have some fun with your prospects and customers using direct mail? It can lead to a better ROI. Consider trying out a scavenger hunt that’s launched with the direct mail piece. You can have everyone start the same way or use variable data to start them off at different locations. Are you unsure of where to start to create a direct mail scavenger hunt? Scavenger hunt options include:

1. QR Codes

You can use QR codes on print items starting with your direct mail piece. Then, lead them to strategically located posters or flyers around town or your store where they scan additional QR codes to activate new clues to the next location.

2. Augmented Reality

You can create a virtual scavenger hunt where your prospects and customers scan the direct mailer to launch the content on mobile devices in their own home to start the adventure. Since people are very busy these days, you may end up with more participation this way. It will really depend on who your audience is.

3. NFC

You can create a direct mail piece with an embedded NFC chip that can be used in your store locations to launch content to drive them to the next location in the hunt. Since Apple does not currently support NFC, your best bet is to have people take the mailer into your store to use the NFC on an android device station that you set up in your store. (This also gets them in the door to buy from you.)

4. Store

Not sure your audience is ready for mobile technology? Go with the old fashioned hunt. Send a mailer that has them start at your store and check in to get a clue. You can then drive them around the store or to other locations nearby in the shopping center.

5. Online

Create an online scavenger hunt where they can visit special landing pages you have set up for the hunt. You will send them a direct mail piece that has the initial start landing page you want them to go to. This makes it easy for people to participate from a PC or mobile device.

Get creative and have fun with this. Yes, it is a marketing tool so you will want to highlight special offers and new products or services, but keep it light and fun. When you are able to do that your prospects and customers will enjoy themselves, share with others as well as buy from you. In order to pick the right hunt for your audience, consider how they currently buy from you. If they come to your location, consider using the store hunt. Another consideration is how much of a budget you have. The least expensive options above are the store and the online. You can create a great hunt without breaking the bank.

Before you start, map out the journey your customers and prospects are going to take. You want it to be fun, not super complicated. Once you have that down you can create the special offers they will see along the way. Of course you will save the best offer for the finish. You can even set the rules so that the first 5 people get a super offer and the rest get a smaller one to entice people to engage and finish quickly. There are so many opportunities here to create a really fun and engaging hunt. If your audience has children, you can create fun for them too. Remember to get testimonials you can use for future hunts and if it is a slow media day, get your local TV station to announce it. The more buzz you have the more people will participate.