‘Take This Catalog and Shove It!’ – A Modern Customer Relations Parable

Somewhere within the bowels of Restoration Hardware, somebody got themselves a calculator and said to themselves, “Hey! I know how we can save a whole lot of money—let’s print these babies all at once!” What they failed to take into account was the potential negative reaction of their customers

Somewhere within the bowels of Restoration Hardware, somebody got themselves a calculator. And when they added up the cost of creating, printing and mailing multiple catalogs throughout the year, they said to themselves, “Hey! I know how we can save a whole lot of money—let’s print these babies all at once, and drop ship them via UPS. It’s gonna save us thousands in time, paper and postage!”

What they failed to take into account was the potential negative reaction of their customers.

When 15 pounds of catalogs landed on my doorstep I was stunned. At first I thought they must have mistaken me for an interior designer, and figured I need to be “in the know” on every single product SKU in their inventory.

But upon further examination, I was simply disgusted at their lack of marketing savvy. Not only did it take me more than 10 minutes to cut off all the plastic that encased them, but the books instantly filled my small recycling bin in the kitchen.

As a marketer, I wondered why I was even on their list. Not only have I not spent $1 at Restoration Hardware in the last 12-months, but upon further reflection, I’m not sure I’ve spent more than $100 there in the last several years!

Cranky, I took to Facebook to see if I was the only recipient of this marketing fiasco. It turns out 45 of my FB friends were also on the receiving end of this giant mailing effort. And 25 of them left equally cranky comments of support to my rant. One even suggested that we collect all the catalogs in the neighborhood and drive over to RH headquarters and set them ablaze on their doorstep! Yikes!

Next, I decided to let Restoration Hardware know of my frustration. First I visited their FB page and left my post, expressing my disgust. Taking a quick peek again this week, I’ve discovered lots of lots of similar customer complaints, including comments like “I will never shop at your store again!!!”

But the highlight (or perhaps lowlight) was my experience with the RH brand directly. I went to their website and completed the Feedback form. But it was the response I got that told me that RH is clueless when it comes to marketing. To help put this into perspective, I’ll share my note to them and their canned response. This is all a true case study in what not to do.

From: carolyn@goodmanmarketing.com
Received: 6/6/14 1:49:23 PM PDT
To: carolyn@goodmanmarketing.com
Subject: RH – Feedback

As a homeowner, I am appalled at the 50 lbs of catalogs you sent me recently. It took me 10 minutes to cut through all the plastic, so I could dump 13 catalogs in my recycle bin. I posted my crankiness to my FB page and have had over 40 others respond with equal disgust.

As a marketer, I am stunned at your lack of understanding of your customers and prospects. It can’t possibly make good financial sense to send me all this stuff as I haven’t made a purchase from you in years … and even then didn’t spend more than $100. Please, I’m begging you, take me off your mailing list … and contact me if you want some help with marketing strategies and tactics that can truly pay off with engaged customers, higher average order sizes, and brand evangelists.

From: Restoration Hardware Customer Service [mailto:webcs@restorationhardware.com]
Sent: Saturday, June 07, 2014 7:22 PM
To: Carolyn Goodman
Subject: RE: RH – Feedback <<#419189-1221170#>>

Dear Carolyn,

Thank you for contacting Restoration Hardware regarding our sourcebooks. We respect your environmental concerns and assure you that we are also very conscientious about our global footprint. The paper we use for our catalogs is sourced from sustainable forests, certified by ‘Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification’ (PEFC). According to the PEFC website, the group works throughout the entire forest supply chain to ensure that timber and non-timber forest products are produced with respect for the highest ecological, social, and ethical standards.

Additionally, we recently reduced the number of sourcebooks and the frequency by which we send them. Mailings that were once monthly are now only twice per year. For those who prefer to view our catalogs online, we have made our sourcebooks available on our website and through various smartphone and tablet applications.

In order to ensure that you are removed from our mailing list, please cancel your subscription via our website by clicking here. If you are unable to do so, please respond with the name and mailing address in which the sourcebooks were delivered, and we can certainly cancel your subscription for you.

We sincerely value your feedback. It is through our customers’ input that we continue to improve our quality of service. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us.

Again, thank you for contacting Restoration Hardware.


Jenna Blase
Email Customer Service Advocate
Restoration Hardware

Author: Carolyn Goodman

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4 thoughts on “‘Take This Catalog and Shove It!’ – A Modern Customer Relations Parable”

  1. Same thing happened to me, they went straight to the recycling bin. The thinner catalogs that the other retailers like Crate & Barrel or Grandin Road send monthly at least get flipped through before being tossed. And the frequency helps to keep these brands at the top of my consideration set when I’m ready to purchase something. While carrying the ton of RH catalogs to the recycling bin I was actually wondering if I can sue someone if I hurt my back carrying these.

  2. So we eliminate catalogs. Here are the jobs that are lost: paper manufacturers, copywriters, designers, photographers, graphic technicians, printers, mailing houses, post office employees and recyclers. If catalogs didn’t work, they’d be discontinued by the sender. Be grateful you get the catalog. It means you’re valuable. All you have to do is toss it in the recycling bin and those jobs get to stay.

  3. My wife received the catalogs from RH as well and came trudging into the house one day barely able to carry them all, I at first thought she had stopped by some store to get sample catalogs or something. We definitely thought it was a mistake, since we’ve never shopped there. As a direct mail marketer, the first thing I thought was that this HAD to be a mistake because who would make the decision to spend this much money on this mailing (can’t imagine what the postage was). After seeing your screen shot of the email you received from them, it gave us a good laugh and we’ve since unsubscribed from their mailings.

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