2 thoughts on “Stephanie Miller’s Engagement Matters: The Myth (and Potential Pitfall) of Email Revenue”

  1. Many great points Stephanie – the concepts of user engagement and message relevance are just as important as permission in my books. As a segment increases in volume (number of verified email addys) the potential that the message is not relevant to a portion of that segment also increases. Utilizing dynamic content or even deployment based on the individual recipient’s actions, general responsiveness, etc is a nice, flexible alternative. It’s all about adapting to changing and evolving user expectations and as you stated above, keeping the frequency at an optimal level. I’d suggest senders try testing specific groups at preset sending frequencies, keeping an eye on unsubscribes and any feedback they hopefully get access to.

  2. Great point, Darrell, thank you. I agree – relevancy improves as the segment becomes more targeted and behavior-based. Even persona data can get stale quickly in our fast-paced, online research driven society!

    Permission has to be earned with every message.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Stephanie (author)

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